September 29, 2022 3 min read

British Charities Release Gambling Education Framework

Three UK charities have banded together to launch a new Gambling Education Framework. Their main objective is to teach the youth about the dangers of gambling harm and how to avoid becoming problem gamblers.

The Framework Helps Educators Protect the Youth

The three charities in question are GamCare, YGAM and Fast Forward. Each of the three bodies is knowledgeable about the gaming sector and understands how gambling harm can affect one’s life. They also realize that gambling harm can start from a young age.

The Gambling Education Framework is based on principles that are backed by the charities’ collective experience. It uses an evidence-based approach and delivers valuable advice to anyone who works with young people aged 7 to 24. Thanks to the framework, educators can learn how to better protect the youth from harm.

The Gambling Prevention Education Forum, a union of gambling prevention organizations, played a leading role in the creation of the new framework. The new framework is 100% free of the gambling industry’s funding and/or influence.

 The Charities Are Proud of Their Work

Members from the three core organizations spoke about the new framework. Anna Hemmings, GamCare’s chief executive officer, said that her team was glad to join forces with YGAM and Fast Forward. She is excited about the launch of the new framework as it addresses gambling harm, which, she feels, is “an issue that goes under the radar.”

The framework builds on our existing work with young people and highlights the need for evidence-based solutions that are straightforward, accessible, and scaleable. The framework will support professionals to raise the conversation about gambling harms and ensure education on this issue gains parity with education about other risky behaviors.

Anna Hemmings, CEO, GamCare

Dr Jane Rigbye, YGAM’s CEO, added that the evidence-based approach is essential to the framework’s functionality. She described the Gambling Education Framework as the “most comprehensive piece of work of its kind” and noted that some of the principles have been developed in accordance with PSHE Association’s advice on effective preventive education.  

This framework is a practical resource for the gambling harm prevention sector and the education sector. We can maximize our impact through sharing best practice, exchanging knowledge and insights, and collaboration. We encourage all those working in the sector to apply this guidance.

Dr Jane Rigbye, CEO, YGAM

Lastly, Fast Forward’s chief executive, Allie Cherry-Byrnes, said that she is happy with the final result.

Fast Forward is delighted to have worked with GamCare & YGAM to create the Gambling Education Framework, we are confident that this will become an invaluable resource for anyone working in education and prevention work focusing on gambling harms across the UK.

Allie Cherry-Byrnes, CEO, Fast Forward

In other news, a week ago, GamCare called for measures against unaffordable lending to problem gamblers.


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