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Woman Sues Paris Las Vegas over Stolen Vehicle

The nightmare had a somewhat happy ending as the plaintiff did manage to find her Range Rover, although no arrests were ever made

A California couple’s trip to Las Vegas was supposed to be fun but it quickly turned into a nightmare after someone stole the family’s car. Despite handing their Range Rover keys to the hotel valet, they returned to find the keys and car missing.

Jennifer Marquecho visited Las Vegas with her man in June 2022. After arriving at Paris Las Vegas, a Caesars Entertainment property where they had booked a stay, the couple handed the car keys to a valet attendant. On the following day, however, Marquecho learned that the Range Rover had disappeared overnight.

As it turns out, someone else had stolen a ticket from her hotel room and used it to get the car keys from the valet attendant. The latter did not properly check the thief’s identity, allowing them to take the keys and disappear with the car.

The nightmare luckily had a somewhat happy ending as Marquecho did manage to find her Range Rover. Thanks to a tracking app, the car was soon discovered parked in the vicinity of Boulder Station Hotel and Casino.

Luckily, the vehicle was intact, although the thief had changed the license plate with a fake one and had taken the keys to Marquecho’s home and some personal documents.  

Marquecho Seeks Damages

Unfortunately for Marquecho, the police could make no arrests because the car was not involved in a crime. However, the woman is now suing Paris Las Vegas over its employee’s negligence. Filed on June 20 in the Clark County District Court, the suit alleges that the valet attendant should have properly verified the identity of the thief before handing them the keys.

Marquecho now seeks relief for damages, as well as payment for attorney fees incurred throughout the lawsuit.

In an earlier interview, Marquecho said that she felt “violated” and that she wished no one else had to experience something like this and “live this nightmare.”

US Authorities Continue Fighting Casino Crime

Speaking of casino-related crime, Florida’s authorities just cracked down on illegal gambling properties across the state, shutting down dens and seizing hundreds of gambling machines.

In the meantime, a former president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe was sentenced to prison over abusing his position to fraudulently procure money, which he spent on gambling and hotel accommodations.


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