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William Hill Introduces Responsible Gaming Campaign in the US

Across the globe, one of the concerns with the legalization of gambling is the possibility that it could become addictive or, at the very least, might lead to irresponsible spending for some.

All legal gambling markets have included some type of protection for consumers, whether through the introduction of awareness programs, dedicated gambling addiction help centers, or both. In addition to these, a separate and independent campaign is found in the US and encompasses all of March.

This month is Problem Gambling Awareness Month, and sports gambling operator William Hill is collaborating to do its part to promote responsible gaming in the US.

William Hill Boosts Responsible Gambling Awareness in the US 

William Hill explained in a press release yesterday that it is fully supportive of the initiatives established to promote responsible gaming. In an effort to increase the operator’s ability to prevent problem gambling and protect consumers, it has introduced a new series of training tools for its employees. It has also brought to the forefront of its marketing efforts, both online and at its in-person sportsbooks and kiosks, the importance of responsible gaming. The operator’s “Always Bet Responsibly. Play By the Book” logo is now printed on all betting tickets along with a local phone number to a gambling helpline.  

Explains William Hill US CEO Joe Asher“March is a great time of year to bring awareness to the issue of problem gambling. 

Our goal is to educate new and existing customers about how to identify problem gambling and the resources that are available to help them and their families. Sports betting should always be about fun and entertainment, and we’re taking the extra steps in our communications and our products to ensure that we always put protecting our customers first.”

William Hill has also launched a special campaign in Mississippi and New Jersey, collaborating with officials in those states to create and fund public service announcements (PSA) about problem gambling. The operator is introducing a series of videos, “Through a Child’s Eye,” that focuses on gambling issues. They have already been distributed to several television networks in both states, and Angi Wilson, the deputy director of the Mississippi Council on Problem and Compulsive Gambling, stated about the initiative, “We want to thank William Hill for helping us publicize our helpline number and in turn helping problem gamblers and their families in Mississippi. We really appreciate their support!”

Sports Betting’s Unflagging Popularity in the US

Sports gambling has always been a popular activity in the US, with some estimates indicating that as much as $150 billion was spent through offshore sportsbooks prior to the demise of PASPA in 2018. With the Supreme Court killing the controversial law, states were able to begin introducing their own sports gambling legislation.

There are now 25 states that have active markets, with several more currently working on legislation and, since PASPA ended, legal states have recorded a total handle of over $44 billion. At all times, state gaming regulators are closely monitoring the activity to ensure that operators are adhering to responsible gaming requirements, such as self-exclusion options and educational campaigns, in order to facilitate the development of a controlled market.  


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