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CoinGeek Wants Your Input on Blockchain in Gaming

CoinGeek and Becky Liggero Fontana want to reward you some Satoshis for your knowledge, or lack thereof, of blockchain. All you need to do is take the “Great Blockchain for Gaming Survey” through Tuesday, March 23, and get a few Satoshis for your thoughts! 

The Great Blockchain for Gaming Survey: Your Opinion Matters 

The blockchain industry says CoinGeek journalist Becky Liggero Fontana has a lot to offer to gaming, with many of its features already being successfully implemented by iGaming operators. Now, CoinGeek and Becky are running a dedicated survey, aptly dubbed “The Great Blockchain for Gaming Survey,” to better understand what the public perception of blockchain technology is.

Yet, amid this growth in the B2B and B2C sectors, the gaming audience may use some refreshing, or even guidance, on what blockchain is and why it’s here to stay and improve the experience for everyone. Apart from the inherent benefits that Bitcoin as a currency introduced, there are many other advantages hidden in plain sight.

For starters, applications built using Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain technology offer a number of improvements that lead to a better overall consumer experience. This extends to numerous services, such as mobile gambling sites, social media platforms, video streaming services, advertising platforms, and more, says Becky. 

To realize the full potential of blockchain, though, CoinGeek wants to ask people who are familiar with blockchain, and especially those who aren’t, to take a quick, five-minute survey that will help the company have a better understanding of the general impression of the technology.

Planning the Future of BSV Gaming: Few Satoshis at a Time 

With many CoinGeek Conferences and events planned across the year, the publication is looking to collect as much data as it can and use it to help steer the public dialogue and understanding about blockchain and what the inherent benefits are to even those consumers who are not quite familiar with the solution. More specifically, Becky wants to hear from professionals who work in the gambling sector.

The Great Blockchain for Gaming Survey promises to bring clarity, and it’s available through TuesdayMarch 23. Any respondent can punch in their Handcash $handle and get a few Satoshi right at the end of the survey. 

The survey is not its own end. Becky would like to know more about the type of blockchain content gambling industry professionals need and value. What is helpful and what makes sense in the context of iGaming. 

This initiative comes out of a desire to help bridge the gap between the potent blockchain technology and the growing “hype” for it in the gambling sector – a hype that may use some context and contextualize. That is precisely what Becky wants to achieve. 

The survey will probe your knowledge of blockchain in a quick and effortless way and focus on the pain points that regular gambling professionals come across in their day-to-day activities whenever blockchain is brought up.  


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