February 6, 2023 3 min read


White Label Casinos Splits from iGaming Group

CEO Phil Pearson says that the brand may be “quirky and edgy” but it will also go an extra mile for its clients

A new provider of white gaming label casino solutions for iGaming operators has hit the market. The company in question is White Label Casinos, a former part of iGaming Group. The new studio, formed after a mutual separation from the latter company, will seek to revolutionize iGaming with intuitive products that are easy to use by industry startups and established companies alike.

White Label Studios Wanted More Independence

As announced by Phil Pearson, the new entity’s chief executive officer, White Label Casinos’ goal is to create laser-focused white label solutions and provide its clients with all the tools they need to set up shop. The company will look to create products that are both efficient and cost-effective.

After branching off from iGaming Group, White Label Casinos will move to new offices in Pendergardens, Malta. The company will start off with 170 workers, which will help it quickly cement its place in the industry.

In addition, the new entity will continue to serve the clients it worked with during its time as a part of the iGaming Group. Thus, White Label Casinos will have over 40 casino partners from the get-go.

White Label Casinos’ decision to exit iGaming Group came as the company sought a higher degree of autonomy. Still, the newly formed business will continue to maintain a client/platform relationship with its former group.

The Brand Fills an Important Gap

CEO Pearson believes that the formation of White Label Casinos will fill an important gap in the market. He noted that until the foundation of the new business, there were no independent companies offering the same products White Label Casinos will offer.

In addition, White Label Casino will differ from its competitors as it plans to do more than just take land-based casinos online or mitigate risk of existing white label companies. Instead, the company will work with capable and creative people that know how to channel players toward a platform and promote brands. Innovation and responsible gambling will sit at the forefront of what the company will do.

Sure, we may be quirky and edgy, but when it comes down to it myself, and my team will always go the extra mile for our clients at any time that we are asked, or often before we are asked.

Phil Pearson, CEO, White Label Casinos

The company, Pearson said, will focus on differentiation by building long-standing relationships and offering unique services. White Label Casinos’ plans for the near future include securing licenses in key new markets and the launch of a proprietary business-to-customer casino brand.


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