February 6, 2023 2 min read


Compliable Set to Assist with Pennsylvania Casino Employee Licensing

The company has announced that it will now assist with employee licensing processes in the Keystone State, aiding local would-be gaming specialists sort the necessary paperwork

Compliable is a company that works with state regulators and specializes in helping individuals who hope to work in the gaming industry to go through the licensing process quickly and easily.  

Compliable Will Simplify the Licensing Process for New Employees

The company will make sure that gaming employees have a streamlined application process with Compliable taking over the application and submitting the finalized data directly to SLOTS Link, which is the Keystone State’s gambling portal.

Compliable makes it much easier for employers and employees to stay on top of how far the process has come along. For example, thanks to Compliable, employees and future gaming specialists can simplify the process of applying in other states as well as the one they are licensed in or the one they target presently.

Employers, for their part, can reference the platform to quickly see how far an employee’s license application has progressed. More importantly, Compliable makes sure to optimize the overall application process. Compliable’s platform was launched in 2020 but it has been quickly gaining popularity around the United States.

The platform has made it particularly easy to track licensing applications across multiple states and has further simplified the process for compliance teams at various companies who have been keen to hire more workers but have had to deal with reams of red tape and a strict regulatory process.

Streamlining the Employee Licensing Process in PA and Beyond

Now, this is outsourced to Compliable which has been in business since 2020 and enjoying the trust of leading gaming companies. Compliable CEO Chris Oltyan welcomed the opportunity for his company and added that the company now offered licensing technology in Pennsylvania to the benefit of anyone who is looking to gain accreditation in the state.

“We built our platform to make licensing easier for everyone and we are pleased to now support licensing through a state portal,” Oltyan said. Oltyan added that the company was committed to helping the game industry move forward towards a more efficient licensing process that covers multiple jurisdictions.


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