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Washington Wizards Player Gets “Called Out” on Making Fan Lose a Bet

Bradley Beal was caught in an altercation with a fan, a police report revealed, cited by ESPN, which looked at the documents

The media reported that the Washington Wizards player was heading to the locker rooms following a defeat to the Orlando Magic at 122-112 when a fan called out to the player and told the player he had made him lose $1,300 on a wager.

Beal Responds Emotionally to Fan’s Heckling

The accident took place in Orlando, Florida. Beal reacted by walking over to the fan and what the police report said was a friend of the fan. The player then knocked the man’s hat off and hit him on the left side of the head.

Video coverage was available with the fan reportedly heard saying that he had meant no offense towards the player. However, the player may get in hot water with the law now, as there is probable cause to charge him with simple battery, the media reported. For this to proceed, charges will have to be filed with the state attorney’s office.

The NBA has already addressed the issue as has the team. Mike Bass, NBA spokesman said that the organization was in the process of collecting more information. The Wizards confirmed that they were aware of the situation but said that they would not comment on the case until they knew more about it.

Players have not had it easy. Besides the pressure they face to perform well, some fans have been harassing athletes, blaming them for losing a sports betting wager. Most of these cases have been handled legally, with Beal’s overreaction seen as an exception.

Fans Put Under Increased Pressure from Fans

Draymond Green was once threatened in person during a live basketball game at the Fiserv Forum by a fan, who was restrained and removed from the arena after the player had informed the officiating crew. But this is far from the only fans.

Fans have been using social media to strike out against players they have been disgruntled with, unlocking a torrent of online abuse and threats. While most of these have been dismissed outright, authorities are increasingly looking into making sure that this sort of behavior is not tolerated.

Violent fans are a feature of regulated sports betting some say, but they need not be the norm – nor do players need to assault irritating characters. As in Green’s case, the officiating crew can take good care of hecklers.  


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