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USBookmaking Head of Sportsbooks Robert Walker: “We Did Not Anticipate the Scorched Earth Acquisition Stance Platforms Would Adopt”

USBookmaking brings a breath of innovation in the sports betting landscape in the United States with an array of white-label, turnkey, and forward-thinking solutions. The company specializes in assisting companies to create tailored sportsbook products that help engage customers and sports fans, leading to long-term consumer gains.

To achieve this, the company has worked hard to develop sports betting system solutions, create go-to mobile sports wagering options, and help retail sportsbooks shape up as preferred locations where people come to place a wager in-person.

USBookmaking is not constrained in anything the company undertakes. The supplier is aware of new trends and embraces in-play betting markets, ready to cover every important development in sports betting in the country.

From consulting to operation, USBookmaking brings an arsenal of tools that partners find worthwhile and a way to improve their own offers.

Q: How has sports wagering changed over the past few years and specifically from your standpoint?

That is a great question. Starting with the obvious answer, the repeal of PASPA, something we have dreamed of for a long time has completely changed the landscape. We did not anticipate the influx of European platforms so quickly. They brought some unique offerings to the fairly stale ones we had in Nevada for many years. Nor did we anticipate the scorched earth acquisition stance that several platforms would adopt. We don’t believe it is a sustainable marketing plan but we have been wrong before.

Q: What does USBookmaking do to help customers stay competitive in this challenging industry?

We are mostly a retail sportsbook right now with the exception of Sky Ute. This has been uniquely challenging as our partners have had to shut down operations more than once in the past year. Clearly, operators with just a mobile, or both, have not had to endure this. Our partners have simply been a join to work with from day one.

We have been so very fortunate in this area. Like everything in life, communication has been critical. Our partners set the betting limits in each jurisdiction and decide when they may want to increase those as well. We suggest, but ultimately we are just trying to help our partners do the best for their casino and their patrons at all times.

Q: What is the most worthwhile solution you have ready across each vertical you operate in?

This is ongoing. I think we are bringing a state of the art esports platform to Sky Ute. We have partnered with GameCo and FansUnited to bring the first 24-7 in-play product there. We are very excited. We are big believers in esports and are hoping to bring that to all of our clients eventually. We are working on many features that are not quite ready yet but should be soon. These involve micro betting, robust player props including in-game along with the traditional US sports offerings.

Q: Do you try to stress to operators the importance of setting up things in advance in those jurisdictions that are expecting to regulate soon?

There are a couple of challenges here for USBookmaking. We are a white label company so we have to identify potential partners who are interested in going with their own sportsbook. Once that is done we help our partners with the regulatory process, which can be filled with landmines. Our General Manager is John Salerno, who is also our Compliance Director so he does the heavy lifting prior to opening.

Q: In terms of sports betting markets, which vertical do you think is enjoying the biggest growth? Is it pre-game, in-play, DFS betting, or all of them really?

It’s really interesting. I think pre-market can still grow. Our philosophy is to take all wagers according to our limits. We do not boot players who may be successful. So the goal here is to raise the limits over time and grow the pre-market. However, in-game, player props, micro betting could all be huge. The key here is having a platform that is player-friendly. Right now I think that is not always the case. Delays in a game have to be mitigated if we are truly going to grow that market.

Q: How can USBookmaking help guarantee and protect the integrity of sporting contests?

We monitor every game, every line movement, etc in a way that we have always done. We are proud to partner with US Integrity as well. It is great to be able to share concerns both ways with them. I think the key to integrity is separating the leagues from the sports book platforms. I say Church and State, however I’m not certain what the correct verbiage is as long as we keep a concerned eye on each other

Q: What are the biggest challenges USBookmaking will face in 2021, or is it just a matter of new opportunities this year?

Both. I think for USB the issue is one of technology. We know what we want to do and how we want to do it. Technology will allow us to accomplish those things. Ultimately, we believe that the best platform, with the best pricing, will eventually be very successful. This will translate to player retention as well. We like to say that it is only the top of the first when it comes to sports betting in the US. Really, I don’t think the game has started yet and people are going to be very surprised by USB in the next couple of years. Pleasantly, we hope.


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