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UKGC Close to Signing Multiple MOUs with US Regulators

Miller said that operators should work together to prevent unruly operators from causing harm

Tim Miller, the executive director of the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission (UKGC), spoke during the recent G2E conference in Las Vegas, saying that his team is close to sealing several Memoranda of Understanding with a number of US regulators.

In line with Miller’s call for unity, the move would improve the relationship between the British regulator and its US counterparts, setting them up for further collaboration.

In his speech, Miller said that operators should work together to prevent unruly operators from causing harm. He explained that operators that abide by the rules in one market, may not be as cooperative in other markets, which is why regulators should share information and work together.

Such joint action would allow regulators to cover a glaring blind spot and create a healthier international gambling market. Miller noted that no regulator is an island and no single regulator can police the industry on its own.

The MOUs May Signify a New Age of Regulation

In his speech, Miller noted that many of Europe and the United Kingdom’s top operators have been increasingly interested in exploring the opportunities offered by the lucrative North American markets. The Memoranda of Understanding with US regulators will help the UKGC establish a very important relationship with the governing bodies of these key jurisdictions.

By working together and committing to collaboration, we can make sure we each achieve the safer, fairer and crime-free gambling that we want for our jurisdictions and for our consumers.

Tim Miller, executive director, UKGC

Miller also explained that the joint work with US regulators would put more pressure on third parties that facilitate black market gambling.

The Memoranda of Understanding with US regulators may very well signify a new age of gambling regulation, in line with the ongoing reforms in the United Kingdom. The UK is still consulting the white paper proposals that seek to revolutionize the gambling sector and modernize its rules.

Miller’s call is also reflected in the efforts of Australia’s ACMA to join forces with the Curaçao government and weed out unlicensed Curaçao-based operators.

However, not all regulators might be equally cooperative. Earlier this year, Malta passed Bill 55, restricting regulators’ ability to impose judgment on Malta-licensed companies. Needless to say, the move was extensively scrutinized by multiple European regulators.


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