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Germany’s GGL Criticizes Recently Signed Gambling Law in Malta

The regulator considers that the controversial gambling law in Malta should not be compatible with European regulations

Gemeinsamen Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL), the gambling regulator in Germany, released a new statement Wednesday, outlining its concerns regarding Malta’s Bill No. 55. Earlier this summer, George Vella, the president of Malta, signed the aforementioned bill which captured the attention of GGL, along with other regulators.

The regulations under Bill. No. 55 restricts imposing judgments against Malta-licensed gambling companies. The new law effectively protects such companies by allowing only courts in Malta to enforce judgments. It is likely that this law was implemented in light of multiple gambling loss repayment claims filed against Malta-licensed gambling companies by customers who were able to access their websites despite gambling being illegal in their home country.

In its latest statement, GGL explained that while the amended law protects gaming companies in Malta, it should not be compatible with the established European regulations for gambling. Despite that concern, the German gambling regulator explained that the final word on this is in the hands of the relevant authorities.

No Further Action Is Needed, Says GGL

Additionally, the GGL confirmed it has disclosed its assessment with the federal states. Considering this, it said that it doesn’t see the need for any further action, given that the country’s Federal Ministry of Justice has already engaged with the European Commission regarding Bill No. 55. “The protective shield intended by Malta relates exclusively to civil claims by players, for whose enforcement GGL is not responsible,” explained the German gambling regulator.

The GGL has the developments around the topic “Bill No. 55” from Malta in view. We are of the opinion that this law should not be compatible with European requirements for the recognition of decisions (Regulation (EU) 1215/2002). However, the final assessment of this question is not the responsibility of the GGL. We have informed the federal states of our assessment and are otherwise in contact with the relevant authorities,

reads a statement released by the GGL

Recently, GGL announced a regulatory action against the operator Back in June, the gambling watchdog concluded that its license must be revoked. The decision came after an extensive review of’s financial status, compliance with the existing regulations and analysis of its operations.

Back in May, the Higher Administrative Court of the State of Saxony-Anhalt confirmed that the GGL is authorized to impose penalties against operators that purposefully promote their illegal products through affiliates. At the time of the announcement, the court acknowledged that the promotion of unlicensed gambling is in violation of the 2021 State Treaty on Gambling Regulation.


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