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Tim Miller Highlights the Importance of Collaboration in Gambling Regulation

According to Miller, it is important to hold operators up to standards and “pose difficult questions” to them if they “act poorly in other markets”

Tim Miller, executive director of the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission (UKGC) addressed the current state of the industry from the perspective of the British regulator. During yesterday’s Global Gaming Expo (G2E), Miller commented on some of the latest developments in global gaming.

Miller started his speech with a brief discussion of the British market, noting that it continues to exhibit the characteristics of a matured licensed market. He noted that the market closed the fiscal year with a gross gambling yield of £14.1 billion, making it one of the largest in the world.

A survey from the end of March, meanwhile, showed that 44% of adults had taken part in gambling at least once in the previous 4 weeks.

Miller admitted that the pandemic presented unique challenges to the industry but believes that the British industry has managed to emerge stronger than ever. At the same time, the UKGC remains bullish on cracking down on any business practices that endanger customers, further highlighting the market’s maturity.

He noted that the year saw the UKGC conclude the largest enforcement cases in its history, breaking its record two times. FY 2022/23 notably saw the commission conclude 24 enforcement cases with operators who had to pay £60+ million because of their failings.

Miller Says Collaboration Between Regulators Is Crucial

Speaking about certain global trends, Miller noted that British and European operators have been becoming more and more interested in exploring opportunities in North American jurisdictions. The globalization of the industry has prompted the need for discussion between gambling regulators who, according to Miller, have been increasingly focused on regulating the same companies.

The more gambling regulators know of each others rules, standards and markets, the more we are sharing information and best practice, the more we support each other then the more effective we will be.

Tim Miller, executive director, UKGC

According to Miller, it is important to hold operators up to standards and “pose difficult questions” to them if they “act poorly in other markets.”

Miller added that the UKGC is currently establishing strong ties with US regulators and is preparing to sign a number of MOUs with some of them. He is happy that the North American Gaming Regulators Association (NAGRA) and the Gambling Regulators European Forum (GREF) are forming a robust relationship that will benefit the international gaming industry in the long term.

Together, the Industry Can Create a Safe Market

Miller also commented on the importance of cracking down on unlicensed websites. He explained that his team has been using a mix of measures to prevent unlicensed companies from targeting British consumers. The joint work with payment providers, product and games developers and internet search providers, has helped the operator deliver “some dramatic results” and has proven that collaboration is vital.

Only through working together can we ensure we all have safe, fair and crime-free gambling. If as regulators we are able to speak, more often, with one voice then it will enhance our ability to influence those outside the industry – who need to play a more positive and direct role in tackling issues like illegal gambling.

Tim Miller, executive director, UKGC

Miller added that the UK is now consulting white paper proposals that would change the face of the industry in Britain. The consultations saw Britain discuss matters such as age verification, remote games design, direct marketing and cross-selling and affordability checks for online gaming.

Miller also commented on the GamProtect project that would deliver what is known as single customer view. The project will eventually be expanded to cover many operators and consumers.

In the meantime, the UKGC remains bullish on continuing to explore the effect of the industry on public health through regular surveys. The regulator will be busy in the next few years as the local industry continues to evolve.

At the conclusion of his speech, Miller said that gambling is a global industry, which is why operators should work together to truly make a change.


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