November 3, 2023 3 min read


UKGC Boss Highlights Importance of Cooperation Between Regulators

A new report reveals that Tim Miller, the UK Gambling Regulator's chief executive, spoke about the importance of effective collaboration between regulators on an international level

Amid the expansion of online gambling and the continuous evolution of the sector, robust and effective regulations that ensure a safe, secure and fair service for the consumers remain a strategic priority. In general, regulations when it comes to retail or iGaming activities vary from one country to another. While some countries across Europe have strict laws for online gambling, this is not the case for others where regulations can be lax.

Despite the difference in regulation, a new report underlines the importance of streamlined rules for the online gambling sector. Such rules are expected not only to make compliance for the operators easier but to ensure the protection of the consumers. A recent report released by The Scotsman reveals key points supported by the UK Gambling Regulator’s executive director, Tim Miller, that can ultimately benefit the iGaming market, strengthening responsible gambling and compliance.

Currently, he actively supports collaboration between regulatory bodies on an international level. Such engagement can help streamline processes, identify bad actors and improve the effectiveness of gambling regulations. Ultimately, effective collaboration between regulators from different countries can help shape best practices and develop effective rules that can be easily met by online gambling operators that offer their services across multiple jurisdictions.

Streamlining regulations on an international level can also propel the trustworthiness of the operators. Through effective and proactive measures, illegal operators or operators that do not comply with the rules can be easily identified. Consequently, relevant legal action can be taken against such illegal operators.

Collaboration between Regulators May Boost Responsible Gambling

Another very important vertical, according to Miller, is responsible gambling. According to him, supporting responsible gambling is paramount for the sustainable growth of the sector. Collaborating on an international level and aligning regulations can also contribute positively toward responsible gambling initiatives. Regulators from different jurisdictions can collaborate and develop a framework that ensures the protection of the customers regardless of the jurisdiction.

Currently, the gambling sector in the UK is undergoing significant changes. This marks the first time regulations have been updated for the last decade as lawmakers seek to ensure the rules fit the digital age. Part of the changes include a mandatory levy that is expected to replace the current voluntary system. Through this measure, the regulations seek to minimize the impact of the sector on gambling harm treatment services. The change comes as a part of the rules within the Gambling Act white paper that was published earlier this year.


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