UK Tote Group to Add Voxbet Voice and Text Messaging

UK Tote Group continues to pivot towards innovation with the company signing up a new partnership with Voxbet, a solution that is focused on allowing punters to speak directly into their devices and place a bet this way focused on horse racing. The project is designed to innovate the betting experience and is facilitated through the Viber messaging platform with Voxbet Viber now launching in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

UK Tote Group to Welcome Cutting-Edge Betting Solution

 The developers assure that Voxbet will accurately translate speech into betting action – the same applies to all text messages that describe a sports bet placed on a race or an event. This is a next-level experience whereby the tediousness of clicking will be mitigated and people would be able to quickly place a wager in a more frictionless manner. Voxbet points to greater engagement and interest in sports betting because of its technology.

Meanwhile, Voxbet’s solution is gaining popularity in Latin America, Asia, and many Eastern European countries with the latest, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Previously, Voxbet’s solution was only available through SMS, but it decided to move to Viber, a more accessible platform that immediately saw betting action double.

Voxbet’s mission is to create this frictionless way of placing wagers and make it possible to enjoy yourself in real-time. The company founder and CEO, Jonathan Power, welcomed the opportunity to be part of this experience and its incorporation with the Tote Group offer and said:

“We can’t think of a more apt partner with whom to explore this functionality than UK Tote Group – a brand, much like our own, which has flourished from its horse racing. It’s an exciting time to be expanding our collaboration and growing our global footprint with them.”

Company founder and CEO, Jonathan Power

Voxbet Seeks to Become Leader in What It Does

UK Tote Group racing director Jamie Hart said that Voxbet has been enthusiastic about introducing this offer. The company offers unique tools that make it possible for sports bettors to enjoy themselves in earnest and access sports in new and exciting ways.

“Voxbet’s unique tools connect with all types of bettors. I believe voice and text engagement will be very popular.”

UK Tote Group racing director Jamie Hart

Ultimately, Voxbet seeks to become the leading platform for voice and text sports betting, a title that it’s conquering confidently.

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