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GamblingNews Talks Regulation with GeoComply SVP Operations, Gaming Chad Kornett (Podcast #19)

GamblingNews and GeoComply’s Senior Vice President Operations, Gaming Chad Kornett, explore how the company is making sure gaming operators function within the limits established by regulators.

Compliance with regulations ranks at the top of the list of priorities for gaming regulators. This is true in any jurisdiction, particularly in the US. The structure of the country and regional gaming laws presents certain challenges not found elsewhere. However, GeoComply has answered the call with overwhelming success.

Kornett fell into the gaming industry; it wasn’t initially at the forefront of what he saw of his future. However, when he entered and saw what it could offer in terms of professional and personal development, he was hooked.

GeoComply has come to be viewed as a measure of compliance. In only a short time, it has achieved massive success by proving itself in the field. The company’s geofencing technology can be found across the US and in other jurisdictions, ensuring that only qualified consumers can access legal online gaming platforms in accordance with regulations.

This is especially challenging in places like Louisiana, where individual parishes in the state have approved online sports betting. GeoComply has to make sure it can integrate seamlessly with operators’ technology within the established legal areas while preventing consumers in unapproved regions from accessing the platforms. This can sometimes mean following a geographical pattern that is difficult to draw, but GeoComply accomplishes it.

Beyond geofencing, the company is also involved in several other areas that are just as important. Customer identity verification, location fraud detection, and others are part of GeoComply’s arsenal, providing protection for companies not only in the iGaming space but in FinTech, online media, payments, and cryptocurrency spaces.

In the future, GeoComply will continue to see its products find greater acceptance in virtually all industries. Within just a few short years, it’s likely its suite of solutions will be embedded as a transparent security feature to protect consumers and businesses around the globe.


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