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UK Horseracing Authorities Launch Fourth Trainer and Stable Staff Survey

The survey will measure the progress of major initiatives funded by the Racing Foundation

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) unveiled the launch of the fourth trainer and stable staff survey. The objective is to identify the yard-based issues and help the Industry People Board form a strategy for tackling them.

The survey, commissioned by the Industry People Board, is delivered in partnership with the BHA, the National Trainers Federation (NTF) and the National Association of Racing Staff (NARS). It will see trainers and stable staff contacted by Public Perspectives, an independent research organization. Public Perspectives will provide the survey to trainers and staff across Britain in the following days.

This is notably the fourth time such a survey has been launched, following surveys carried out in 2016, 2018 and 2021.

The Racing Foundation Continues to Invest in the Sector

The BHA added that the study will not only underscore the important issues but will also help the body measure the progress of major initiatives funded by the Racing Foundation. For reference, these initiatives sought to support the recruitment of stable staff, develop the skills of the workforce within the racing sector and encourage greater staff retention.

The BHA also said that the survey is in line with the Racing Foundation’s continued investment in initiatives that seek to drive improvements in the industry’s staff-related matters. Since the first survey in 2016, the foundation has invested over £12 million (approximately $15 million) to address staffing issues.

This latest study will run from November to early January.

The Study Will Help the Industry People Board Form a Strategy

Tansy Challis, the Racing Foundation’s chief executive officer, commented on the matter, saying that her team is happy to once again support the survey. She said that the 2016 survey helped the industry set a baseline from which to measure progress and identify issues.

Unfortunately, the 2021 surveys highlighted ongoing problems within the sector.

We are, therefore, encouraged by the formation of the Industry People Board and its aim to develop a People Strategy.

Tansy Challis, CEO, Racing Foundation

Challis concluded that the data from this year’s study will help the Industry People Board improve its strategy. She hopes that all trainers and stable staff will complete the survey.

Meanwhile, the Industry People Board’s chairman, Neil Hayward, said that the newly-formed body is ambitious on securing a reliable workforce and a working environment the industry can be proud of. While there is much to do, the survey will help his team to make informed decisions and evaluate the impact of current and future initiatives.

We appreciate the time and effort taken by those who respond to the survey. The better the response rate the more detailed a picture we have about what is happening to, and what matters to, the industry’s workforce.

Neil Hayward, chair, Industry People Board

In September, British horseracing authorities launched a probe into the public’s feelings about the controversial affordability checks.


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