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UK Government Is Reluctant to Restrict In-Stadium Ads

The government vowed to continue following the sector and evaluating the impact of in-stadium gambling ads on how customers interact with betting

The UK government is reluctant to introduce stricter restrictions of gambling advertising in spite of calls from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). In response to the latter body’s second report, the government said that more evidence is needed.

For context, the DCMS urged for a reduction in ads during sporting events, suggesting that new regulations could be implemented through the cross-sport gambling sponsorship code of conduct.

The government must work with the Premier League and the governing bodies of other sports to ensure that the gambling sponsorship code of conduct contains provisions reducing the volume of gambling adverts in stadia.

Committee recommendations

Additionally, the recommendations advised for an increased visibility of safer gambling messaging.

The Government Will Follow the Measures Outlined in the White Paper

For now, however, the government prepares to stick to the plan outlined in the white paper. This means that the government will continue to crack down on predatory practices and advertising in order to shield consumers from harm.

Additionally, the government reiterated its intention to fund high-quality independent gambling research through the proceeds of the statutory levy.

According to the response, UK lawmakers are reluctant to stray away from the reforms described in the white paper unless need arises. The government vowed to continue following the sector and evaluating the impact of in-stadium gambling ads on how customers interact with betting.

The government promised that it would not hesitate to spring into action if it discovers a firm link between gambling harm and in-stadium ads.

The government will continue to monitor the evidence base around the impact of gambling advertising on gambling behaviors and if there is further evidence of negative impacts, then the Government will take appropriate action to ensure the advertising regulation regime is fit for purpose.

UK government statement

To that end, the government vowed to work closely with organizations, such as the UK Gambling Commission, the Committee of Advertising Practice and the Advertising Standards Authority.

Speaking of the ASA and sports advertising, the authority recently told marketers to remain compliant ahead of the UEFA EURO 2024 championship.


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