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UK Gambling Minister Participates in Gambling with Lives Parliamentary Forum

The minister spoke about the planned changes to the gambling industry in the country, outlining that more needs to be done with treatment and prevention of gambling harm

Last year, the UK government released a review of the Gambling Act 2005, the biggest reform of the country’s gambling regulations in nearly two decades. This strategic review ultimately seeks to ensure the establishment of effective regulations that combat gambling harm and prevent gambling addiction in a time when the popularity of online gambling continues to soar.

Making the sector safer, preventing gambling harm and providing treatment for people affected by gambling addiction are among the major goals of the review of the gambling laws in the UK. This, the government hopes, can be achieved through robust regulations that allow customers to enjoy gambling responsibly while preventing gambling harm.

During a recent Gambling with Lives Parliamentary Forum, Stuart Andrew, the UK’s gambling minister, spoke about the importance of the overhaul of the sector. He acknowledged the ongoing efforts of the charity Gambling with Lives, thanking them for their dedication to raising awareness of the dangers of excessive gambling.

Andrew spoke about the upcoming changes to the UK gambling industry, highlighting the importance of the planned statutory levy. This levy, he said, isn’t only about changing the way projects are funded but it represents a significant effort in improving and expanding services and projects that provide vital treatment for people affected by gambling harm.

Although the gambling minister said that funding isn’t the most important when it comes to an effective system, he deemed the extra funds as “crucial” for the successful treatment of gambling harm. “For the first time, the levy will ensure ringfenced, trusted and sustainable funding for research to fill gaps in the evidence on gambling and gambling harm, and inform policy and regulation,” added Andrew.

Changes to the Gambling Sector to Help Tackle and Prevent Gambling Harm

Besides the statutory levy, the gambling minister spoke about the broader changes to the sector, including restrictions for advertising and the proposed affordability checks. Andrew explained that effective and robust regulations can play an important part when dealing with gambling harm. He addressed other changes to the gambling sector, including the newly proposed stake limit applicable for online slots.

Effective and innovative collaboration to get the right mix of interventions for the population as a whole and those with specific needs is required to tackle gambling harm.

Stuart Andrew, gambling minister in the UK

The gambling minister also spoke about the recently released Gambling Survey for Great Britain. Wave 1 of the study, covering a period between July and November 2023 was released late last month, revealing that 48% of the participants admitted to gambling within the past four weeks. Still, Andrew explained that the study found out that some 2.5% of the adults who engage in gambling activities are impacted by harm. According to him, this percentage is a testament that more needs to be done to treat gambling harm, as well as prevention.


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