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UK: County Durham Mom Celebrates £1M Jackpot Win

The single mom initially thought she won a much smaller prize, only £1,700, but was shocked to realize that she hit a £1 million jackpot

While many people enjoy playing the lottery, there are few who are lucky enough to collect million-dollar prizes. Despite the odds being slim, there are plenty of winners who secure life-changing sums from the lottery and this is precisely the case for a County Durham woman who won big from playing the UK National Lottery.

The lucky lottery winner, Tori Henderson, hit the jackpot after buying two tickets for the Lottery’s Lucky Dip draw game. The woman, who works as an admin assistant, according to a report from the Daily Star, initially thought that she won only £1,700 ($2,200).

To Henderson’s surprise, after checking her win through her online account with the Lottery, she found that she actually won £1 million ($1.28 million). The life-changing win completely shocked the County Durham woman who couldn’t sleep the night she found out about the jackpot. After opening her account with the UK National Lottery, Henderson said that she went to bed shaking and couldn’t believe the number of zeros the amount had.

I checked one of the lines and realized I had some of the numbers. I originally thought I had matched five numbers, which was £1,700 and I was buzzing that I’d won that – it was extra money I didn’t have.

Tori Henderson, £1 million Lotto winner

The single mom took her son after she couldn’t reach her mother on the phone and drove to her house. Henderson’s mother thought that something terrible had happened after seeing the look on her face. However, this is when the lucky lady told her mother that she had just won £1 million ($1.28 million) from the Lottery.

Jackpot Miss after Failed Lottery Ticket Purchase

Elsewhere in the UK, a British couple missed out on a massive £35 million ($44.7 million) jackpot due to failed payment. The case that raised eyebrows involved Edwina and David Nylan, who are able to guess the correct winning numbers but did not win anything because the purchase of their tickets didn’t go through the payment system.

The couple from Lancaster attempted to buy tickets via Camelot around Christmas. Upon submitting their purchase, the lottery application requested more funds which is why the couple added more money to their account. Despite guessing the correct numbers, the couple’s purchase didn’t go through, and they were left without the life-changing jackpot.


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