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NSW Lottery Urges Mystery Winner to Claim AU$2.58M Jackpot

The life-changing sum remains unclaimed, and the lotto lacks the means to contact the winner save for its ongoing public announcements

A winning lottery ticket purchased on the New South Wales mid-north coast remains unclaimed, with one fortunate resident or visitor in line to receive more than AU$2.5 million. The mystery winner, who purchased their ticket at Nambucca Heads Newsagency, has won a prize of AU$2,582,582.68 ($1,436,995.49), a genuinely transformative sum.

NSW Players Have Enjoyed Impressive Luck

The winning numbers for the Saturday Lotto draw were 38, 22, 35, 8, 36, and 10, with supplementary numbers 11 and 23. The winning ticket was purchased at Nambucca Heads Newsagency, located at 26 Bowra Street, Nambucca Heads, a picturesque seaside town with a population of just over 6,000 famous for its stunning panoramic views.

Since the mysterious winner lacked a registered player card, lottery officials cannot directly inform the winner of their newfound fortune. Nambucca Heads’ status as a popular tourist destination means the lucky player may have been a visitor. Stephen Kimber, who owns the newsagency that sold the winning ticket, expressed his excitement and hope that the ticket holder would soon come forward.

We really hope our mystery winner checks their ticket soon, and we wish them well as they enjoy their prize.

Stephen Kimber, Nambucca Heads Newsagency owner

This milestone win marks the second high-profile jackpot from the NSW lottery in recent months. April saw a lucky player scoop the equivalent of $1.2 million (AU$1.6 million) with a single lottery ticket after he won twice with the same numbers on the same ticket in a lottery draw. The man took a while before checking his ticket, raising hopes for the most recent jackpot.

The Lott Encouraged Players to Double-Check Their Tickets

New South Wales has a deadline of up to six years to claim a lottery prize. Should that period pass without anybody claiming the winnings, the funds go to the state government. While NSW does not have a predetermined use for such occasions, gambling proceeds are often used to bolster harm prevention efforts.

Despite the generous deadline, Khat McIntyre, a spokesperson for The Lott, highlighted the urgency for ticket holders to check their tickets. She noted that the winner was likely unaware of their win, urging anybody who bought a ticket to double-check their numbers. In Australia, lottery winnings are tax-free income, meaning the lucky individual will go home with the entire jackpot amount.

Our elusive winner is likely oblivious to the fact they’ve won $2.58 million in the weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw.

Khat McIntyre, The Lott spokesperson

As excitement builds in the small coastal town, residents and visitors should check any tickets they may have purchased from the newsagency. The massive win brings a wave of anticipation and hope as everyone wonders who the lucky winner might be and when they will come forward to claim their life-changing prize.

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