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UGW 2021 Split into Two Separate Events: Conference and Exhibition

The Smile-Expo Company has announced changes to the format and dates of the Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021, which will now be held as two separate events.

UGW to Take a Different, Two-Event Format

Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 will take place to a revised schedule moving from its planned one-stop shop into two separate events held in February and March. Dubbed as UGW Conference and UGW Exhibition, both events will serve a slightly different purpose.

During the Conference, which will be held at the Premier Palace Hotel in Kyiv on February 24 next month, the organizers will focus on inviting legislators and industry associations members who will deliver their opinions on a range of issues that concern the regulation of gambling in Ukraine.

UGW is inviting a number of speakers from state authorities as well as members of specialized associations, domestic and foreign law specialists, who will bring clarity and broach topics about the potential difficulties the industry may face.

Among the featured speakers at the Conference will be the chairman of the Ukrainian Gambling Commission, Ivan Rudyi, who will be joined by Members of Parliament Taras Tarasenko and Marian Zablotskyi, Ilya Machavariani from a 4H consulting agency, and Anton Kuchukhidze who is head of the Gambling Association of Ukraine.

UGW Exhibition Moved to March Instead

While the Conference that will cover a range of legal issues should take place on time in February, the Exhibition, which will feature the meet-and-greet between industry experts, will have to wait until March 23 and March 24.

The Exhibition will focus on bringing together industry stakeholders from the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the Netherlands and other developed and developing markets. Numerous suppliers, gambling firms, and advisors will be present during the Exhibition in a bid to secure connections and lay the groundwork of the legalized Ukrainian gambling industry.

To accommodate travelers, the Ukrainian Gaming Week – Smile-Expo Company has decided to push the date for late March and confirm the venue for Kyiv Expo Plaza. Attendees will be able to buy a ticket with the price ranging from 5,000 UAH for the regular tickets up to 8,000 UAH for the VIP tickets.


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