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UEFA’s Euro 2024 Deal with Betano Attracts Scrutiny

The deal marked the first time the European Championship has partnered with a gambling company

Last year, UEFA formed an unprecedented partnership with the Greek casino operator Kaizen Gaming, selecting its Betano brand as the first-ever gambling partner of the UEFA European Championship. As it turns out, this partnership doesn’t sit well with everyone.

Anti-gambling activists from the Alliance Against Sports Betting Advertising slammed UEFA’s decision to team up with Kaizen Gaming, warning of potential adverse effects. Comprised of organizations such as Our Curve and Transparency International Germany, the alliance said that this partnership can potentially exacerbate gambling harm across the soccer sector.

The European Championship, which is set to run from June 14 to July 14 this year, will unfold across 10 German cities and will be watched by millions of soccer enthusiasts all over the world. Because of that, the Alliance Against Sports Betting Advertising suggested that UEFA and the German authorities have failed to properly assess the risks the deal with Betano could cause.

For reference, the deal marked the first time the European Championship has partnered with a gambling company.

Organizations Should Prioritize Their Customers’ Safety

Transparency International’s Sylvia Schenk pointed out that the partnership between the European Championship and Betano would further normalize betting, thus exposing younger fans and older aficionados to higher risks of gambling harm.

Schenk pointed out that the potential collateral damage of this partnership “is ignored or trivialized.”

Another big problem cited by the Alliance Against Sports Betting Advertising is the lack of responsible gambling initiatives. The soccer organization is already supporting anti-doping initiatives but it is yet to raise awareness about the dangers posed by excessive gambling. While UEFA explicitly described Betano as an operator with a proven track record in promoting responsible gaming, the lack of an official safer gaming campaign disgruntled responsible gambling promoters.

Markus Sotirianos from the Alliance against Sports Betting Advertising also weighed in on the matter, saying that companies should start prioritizing the “common good” instead of their commercial interests.

The promotion of gambling within the sports sector has been a major point of contention among various political, sporting and commercial parties. While some say that the promotion of betting exposes vulnerable groups to harm, others point out that such deals provide many benefits to the sports sector, allowing it to grow and evolve.

As far as Betano is concerned though, the company continues to make strides and cement itself as a leading betting provider. A month ago, the Kaizen-owned brand was selected as the official partner of the South American soccer federation, CONMEBOL, further growing its international presence.


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