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Two Arrested for Operating Illegal Gambling Ring in Charlotte County

This action was part of a broader crackdown as police struggle to shut down illegal establishments, which can also have connections to other types of organized crime

On 3 June 2024, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) Narcotics Unit conducted a significant operation at the Showtime Casino at 3012 Tamiami Trail in Port Charlotte, Florida. The operation follows numerous tips and complaints regarding illegal gambling activities at this and other locations in the county, which threaten the safety of consumers and can disturb locals.

Police Took Decisive Action

The CCSO began its investigation by visiting Arcade Headquarters at 1152 Tamiami Trail, where detectives observed illegal gambling on slot machines. The clerk working at the establishment was issued a Notice To Appear for being an employee of a gambling house. The swift action led to a ripple effect across the town, with other casinos quickly informing their customers to leave and closing their doors.

However, the Showtime Casino remained operational. Detectives noted suspicious behavior from the two employees, who acted as lookouts and locked the door behind every customer entering and exiting the establishment. Upon entry, detectives confirmed the presence of illegal gambling activities, consistent with prior complaints, and took immediate action.

All patrons inside the casino received warnings that their actions were illegal and were instructed to leave immediately. The two individuals operating the casino, Mevin Rodriguez (born 20 June 1995) and Amey M. Naik (born 9 May 1993), were arrested and charged as Agents or Employees of a Gambling House.

Illegal Gambling Remains a Pressing Issue

Despite repeated warnings from the CCSO and the Florida Gaming Commission, similar businesses have continued to operate under the guise of being “arcades.” The CCSO has emphasized that such establishments are illegal and operating them constitutes a misdemeanor offense in Florida. However, as of 1 July 2024, changes in Florida law will escalate the offense to a third-degree felony.

Sheriff Bill Prummell expressed frustration over the ongoing issue, noting that illegal businesses remained open despite ongoing efforts by law enforcement. He highlighted the seizing of nearly 200 machines last year and the CCSO’s recent involvement in an armed robbery case at one of these establishments. However, Prummell remained adamant that authorities would continue their efforts.

The owners simply don’t care as they have remained open, ignoring several warnings we have provided. Well… to these gaming establishments, I assure you, we aren’t playing.

Sheriff Bill Prummell

Sheriff Prummell emphasized that patrons participating in illegal gambling activities could also face misdemeanor charges and urged the public to avoid these establishments. The CCSO remains committed to educating the public and enforcing laws against black market gambling in Charlotte County, ensuring the community remains safe and compliant with state regulations.

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