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Reimblad Exits Kindred, Colley to Serve as Interim Director of Sportsbook

The outgoing director of sportsbook thanked everyone at Kindred who has helped him over the years, praising the progress he has achieved alongside everyone else

Kindred Group is parting ways with its director of sportsbook, Andreas Reimblad. Having served the company for over 16 years, Reimblad will now explore new options. In a post on LinkedIn, Reimblad explained that his departure comes ahead of a “new and exciting opportunity.”

Reimblad remarked that the Euro 2024 would mark his 8th major Championship at Kindred. He said his time with the company has been a blast and thanked Kindred for providing him the opportunity to live and work in Malta, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

As a member of Kindred, Reimblad was able to visit many countries and meet many talented industry professionals.

During his time with the company, Reimblad occupied a number of important positions. He was initially appointed as development manager of sportsbook before eventually being promoted to head of sportsbook product development.

In 2019, Reimblad was named as head of sportsbook, product management & operations, and from February 2021, was designated as director of sportsbook.

Boasting years of experience in the betting and gaming industry, he has also served other notable companies, such as IGT and Kindred’s Unibet brand. During his short stint at IGT, Reimblad was named product manager of betting & bingo. During his time at Unibet, he occupied a variety of bingo-related roles.

As Reimblad departs, Ben Colley will step in as interim director of sportsbook.

Reimblad Thanked the Kindred Team for 16 Amazing Years

The outgoing director of sportsbook thanked everyone at Kindred who has helped him over the years, praising the progress he has achieved alongside everyone else.  

Firstly, we managed to do what a lot of people/experts didn’t believe we could – develop a proprietary Sportsbook platform. At the same time, we grew the Sportsbook team to over 100 talented individuals worldwide.

Andreas Reimblad

Reimblad regretted that he will not remain with Kindred long enough to see the full Sportsbook rollout but said that the development was a very proud moment for him and his team.

Reimblad thanked everyone who has made his time with the company “truly remarkable.” While he couldn’t name everyone, notable mentions included CPO Erik Backlund and the sportsbook management team. He also thanked a number of colleagues who have helped him in various capacities over the years and his wife who has always been there for him.

Speaking of Kindred, the company recently published information about major shifts in shareholding. In three consecutive updates, the company announced that The Goldman Sachs Group and JPMorgan Chase & Co have modified their respective shares in the company.


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