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US Police Arrest Casino Assailants, Raid Illegal Gambling Dens

From assaults to illegal gambling dens, here are some of the latest gambling-related crime cases in the United States

The Billings Police Department in Montana has arrested a woman believed to have stabbed a man at a local casino.

Delanie Laforge, 32, assaulted her victim in the High Tide Casino parking lot, stabbing him with a knife. Luckily, the man was able to walk into the property and ask the employees to call help. The victim was taken to Billings Hospital shortly after.

According to the police’s latest report, the man should recover from his injuries.

In the meantime, the Billings police tracked down Laforge. Authorities located her car at a nearby motel and arrested her along with two other individuals. Laforge was charged with assault, DUI and possession of drugs.

It is unclear whether the other arrestees face any charges.

Authorities Arrest Vegas Murderer

Speaking of assaults, the Las Vegas authorities managed to arrest a murderer who killed another person near a walking trail.

Evils Ruvalcaba, 46, is believed to have inflicted a deadly wound on Joseph Benavente, 34. The Metropolitan Police Department found Benavente suffering from a stab wound and pronounced him dead at the scene.

Ruvalcaba was eventually arrested and charged with murder with a deadly weapon. He was booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

Speaking of Vegas, a local woman who was accused of killing her boyfriend with a car, just had her bail set at $750,000.

Police Raid Illegal Gambling Dens

In the meantime, authorities across the US continued to crack down on unlicensed gambling venues.

In Florida, the police raided a convenience store in Hastings, believing it to be involved in illegal gambling and drug distribution. The police didn’t announce whether they discovered any incriminating evidence and the store reopened shortly after.

While the Florida authorities didn’t report a significant breakthrough, their colleagues in Ohio succeeded in raiding a gambling den. After undercover agents confirmed the existence of an illegal venue over the course of an investigation that lasted a few months, the authorities sprung into action.

After searching an internet café in Kettering and a residence in West Carrollton, the police arrested a suspect, charging them with operating a gambling house, possessing criminal tools and engaging in corrupt activity.

In other news, a gambling venue in North Carolina was recently hit by a robber who stole thousands of dollars.  


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