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Charlotte Gambling Venue Hit by Robber, $10K Stolen

The latest attack marks the second robbery at the venue after five armed men stormed the place back in April

Crimes at casinos, including cheating, fraud or even robberies are not uncommon. But while casinos with big gaming floors have lots of on-site security and are unlikely to fall victim to robberies, this is not the case for small establishments.

By all means, robbery remains a criminal act and is punished in the courts of law regardless of the size of the venue. However, some robbers may think that it is easier to barge into a casino that is smaller in size and get away with it.

This is the case of a recent robbery at east Charlotte arcade. The criminal act dates back to Wednesday when one attacker stormed the Giveaway Arcade on Albemarle Road in Charlotte, North Carolina, and fled the crime scene with nearly $10,000 in cash, as announced by Queen City News.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is currently investigating the criminal case. The attacker from the brazen robbery did not use weapons, as law enforcement’s report confirmed that it was conducted with the help of feet, hands and teeth.

A 21-year-old woman is listed as a victim of the violent act. The attacker, who is yet to be identified, entered into a physical altercation to obtain $9,200 in cash. After that, they left the crime scene.

A Second Robbery at the Gambling Venue in Recent Times

It is unclear what injuries the victim of the robbery sustained. Likely she was an employee of the venue which operates as a gambling facility. The CMPD did not disclose data about additional victims.

The Giveaway Arcade robber who is likely male would be facing two criminal charges. One is common law robbery while the other is assault on a female.

Recognized as a serious misdemeanor offense, assault on a female is punishable with jail between one and 150 days. On the other hand, common law robbery is recognized as a class G felony in the state and may be subject to up to 47 months of imprisonment as a penalty.

The robbery at the Giveaway Arcade isn’t the first one in recent times. Last month, five suspects barged into the gambling venue. The culprits were armed with guns and robbed all visitors, while also taking cash from the casino.

Personal belongings, a smartphone, bags that contained wallets, along with two guns and $4,000 were taken during the robbery.


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