TrueLayer Enables Instant Payouts for BetCity in the Netherlands

TrueLayer has signed a new partnership with BetCity, a prominent gaming and betting brand, and will now power the operator’s payouts. Thanks to TrueLayer Payments, bettors at BetCity will be able to enjoy instant cashouts. The solution is integrated with the Player Account Management provided by Bragg Gaming to the popular Dutch iGaming brand.

TrueLayer Brings Instant Payouts to BetCity

Commenting on this partnership in a press release, BetCity marketing director Robert Kooiman welcomed the opportunity for the operator to further enhance the payment experience, which plays a crucial part in how much players and customers enjoy betting through a specific platform:

While players in the Netherlands are used to instant pay-ins, payouts have always been problematic, with traditional bank transfers taking up to three days to reach customers. Our players have told us they want fast payouts and our partnership with TrueLayer means we can now deliver it.

BetCity marketing director Robert Kooiman

TrueLayer has confirmed that instant payouts have a very strong impact on operators as they help boost loyalty and make players more likely to continue using a specific platform. According to the company, one in four players in Europe has confirmed in a recent survey that they may consider depositing more if they knew their payouts would be instant.

“We’re delighted to partner with BetCity to bring open banking technology to payouts, delivering an instant experience for players,” TrueLayer country manager for the Netherlands Ted Stanley confirmed. Stanley argued that TrueLayer acknowledges the shift in consumer preferences with the majority of users now expecting things to happen instantly.

This is precisely why TrueLayer has been working hard to provide consumers in iGaming with the experience they look for and has helped operators boost their bottom line in the process. Stanley confirmed that TrueLayer was happy to team up with BetCity and offer this technology to the operator.

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