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Trainwreck Says His Donations Surpass $10B-Mark

Sponsored gambling sponsorships on Twitch continue to be as controversial as ever as of late, a slew of streamers and personalities have spoken their minds publicly. Mizkif, Pokimane, Asmongold, and xQc have all discussed gambling and how it impacts them and with Twitch allowing such sponsorships to take place legally, fans are getting a little fed up.

While Asmongold and Pokimane outright criticized problem gambling, others have been less inclined to do so. xQc, a self-professed gambling addict, said that his fans had already staked $119 million on, the gambling company he helps promote on his stream.

Trainwrecks Donations Hit Important Milestone

This brings us back to Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam, one of the first people to start the whole gambling streaming. Niknam has known his financial ups and downs, but he is back in the spotlight, announcing that he had donated a total of $10 million to fans, charities, and good causes since he began his gambling career back in 2005. Back in January 2022, Trainwreck said that he was in on the hook for $13 million.

How exactly he has kept track of this amount is not known. Niknam is another popular streamer for, which has proven one of the most forward-thinking gambling companies in terms of marketing, signing lucrative deals with prominent content creators with a soft spot for gambling. According to Mizkif, the contracts offered to streamers may be worth at least $10 million.

But an issue remains. While Trainwreck argues that he has been losing money on gambling, some have doubted that this is true. In fact, many fans are arguing that the majority of the money used on stream is credits given to streamers by the companies they sponsor. Whether this is true is open for debate. However, it’s true that Trainwreck has been known to donate a lot. In one instance, he won $10 million and instantly donated $1 million to fans.

Fraught Relationship with Gambling Nevertheless

Trainwreck has been a controversial figure as well. He has been one of the true gambling streamers on Twitch and has had an established track record. Unlike xQc who both loved and hated gambling until recently when he said that he enjoys it and he will do it no matter what others think, Trainwreck has been consistent.

At the beginning of the year, though, he began showing some symptoms of regret over his excessive gambling. He has been known to remind fans to share the adrenaline rush with him but never to gamble the way he did themselves. He also once took offense when it was suggested that he earns “$1 million a month,” which he said was a gross underestimate – he earned in fact much more than that.

Whatever your stance on gambling and sponsored gambling streams, the fact remains that they are there and unlikely to go anywhere in a hurry. Trainwreck himself is happy to carry on and he is firm about his purpose.


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