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Tory MP Davies Accepts £500-an-Hour Consultant Role with Merkur

Data from the Register of Members’ Financial Interests reveals that the MP accepted a consultant role for two hours per month with the leading gaming company

It is not uncommon for UK MPs to accept consultancy roles with licensed gambling operators in the country. Similar to other income opportunities, as well as benefits such as gifts and hospitality from UK sources, such earnings are registered with the Register of Members’ Financial Interests. One such registered earning concerning the Tory MP Philip Davies undoubtedly raised eyebrows.

Davies accepted a consultant role with Merkur Gaming UK Limited, one of the leading slot machine operators in the country. This became evident thanks to information from the Register of Members’ Financial Interests which shows the earnings were registered on April 18, 2024.

Agreeing to “provide strategic advice,” the MP accepted £500 ($625) per hour remuneration from Merkur. Per the recently released data, Davies will work 2 hours per month for the gambling operator and collect £1,000 ($1,250) remuneration for his services.

Currently, Merkur Gaming is the second-largest slot venue operator in the UK. The company, which is a part of the German giant, Merkur, operates more than 200 locations across the country. According to data released by The Guardian, in 2023 alone, Merkur opened 38 new slot locations around the UK. This strategic expansion was a part of its plan for growth in the country and the 38 new venues that opened its doors last year came in addition to the 36 that opened back in 2022.

The company’s name was tangled in a scandal earlier this year after one of its subsidiaries fell under scrutiny over alleged exploitation of a vulnerable individual. At the time, Merkur confirmed that it had “fully investigated” the case in question before handing it over to the UK’s gambling regulator, the Gambling Commission.

Recent Gambling Scandal Impacts MP

Back in March, Tory MP Scott Benton announced his decision to resign. The departure came approximately a year after the Blackpool South MP was embroiled in a gambling lobbying scandal. Upon announcing his departure, Benton said that he always worked in Blackpool’s best interest.

Accusations against him stemmed from a meeting with representatives of a gambling business. At the time, Benton allegedly made a number of controversial promises to the representatives, including the possibility of granting them access to the White Paper, following the review of the Gambling Act, ahead of its publication.

He allegedly suggested lobbying on behalf of the gambling business in exchange for £4,000 ($5,000). However, what the Blackpool South MP didn’t know at the time was that the gambling industry representatives were in fact undercover reporters who recorded all of the encounters and promises he made.


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