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UK MP Involved in Gambling Lobbying Scandal Resigns

If Benton hadn’t opted to resign, he may have been recalled from parliament next month and could have faced a by-election

Tory MP Scott Benton has decided to resign, saying that he has always sought to protect Blackpool’s best interests. His departure comes a year after a gambling lobbying scandal.

For reference, Benton was suspended from the parliament after he was accused of lobbying efforts. Back in early 2023, the Blackpool South MP was approached by representatives of a gambling business. Benton made a variety of controversial promises to them, telling them that he could provide them with access to the white paper two days before its official publishing. To make matters worse, Benton told the gambling investors that he could lobby for them in exchange for £4,000 a month.

He also suggested that he has previously tabled parliamentary written questions on behalf of another company.

Unbeknownst to him, the gambling business representatives were actually undercover reporters who filmed the discussion. As a result, Benton was embroiled in controversy and eventually suspended from the parliament.

According to the House of Commons committee on standards, Benton tarnished the government’s reputation and gave out the impression that he was “corrupt” and “for sale.”

Benton’s Successor Will Be Elected in May

If Benton hadn’t opted to resign, he may have been recalled from parliament next month and could have faced a by-election.

Benton released a statement on his departure, emphasizing that everything he did, he did in the best interests of Blackpool and the United Kingdom as a whole. He said that in 2019, when he secured his seat, he pledged to be an “active, hardworking and relatable MP” who would listen to people’s concerns and views.

Benton added that he believes he has “more than succeeded in that aim.”

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt confirmed that Benton has been appointed as Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead, as per the rules for MPs who want to exit the Parliament. In the meantime, Benton’s successor is set to be voted on May 2, the same day as the local elections.


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