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Damning Gambling Lobbying Could Lead to an MP’s Suspension

Benton was described as “corrupt” and “for sale” in a House of Commons Committee on Standards report

Independent British MP Scott Benton is facing a 35-day suspension from Parliament because of a significant gambling-related violation. Earlier this year, the politician was caught red-handed trying to set up a lobbying scheme with fake gambling company representatives.

A former Conservative, Benton was removed as a Tory MP in April after an investigation discovered his involvement in the lobbying effort. According to earlier reports, Benton offered to lobby ministers during a meeting with The Times newspaper agents who posed as members of an Indian gambling company called Tahr Partners. The undercover journalists sought advice from Benton, saying that their business seeks to extend its involvement with the United Kingdom’s gambling industry.

During his dealing with the fake agents, Benton offered to provide the faux Indian company with confidential government documents, implied that other MPs would be willing to support Tahr Partners if provided with favorable offers, said that he could possibly cash in some favors to support the company’s goals and provide the representatives with access to the white paper’s contents more than 2 days before it was officially published.

Because of that, Benton was described as “corrupt” and “for sale” in a House of Commons Committee on Standards report. The report said that Benton has “communicated a toxic message” about the Parliament’s standards.

We condemn Mr Benton for his comments which unjustifiably tarnish the reputation of all MPs.

House of Commons Committee on Standards, Second Report of Session 2023–24 excerpt

Benton Does Not Believe He Has Violated Any Rules

By undermining the Parliament’s reputation, Benton effectively violated Paragraph 11 of the House of Commons Code of Conduct, which states that members should undertake actions that could cause significant damage to the reputation and integrity of the House of Commons or its members.

Benton said that he doesn’t believe his actions have violated the House rules. He, however, admitted that his meeting with the undercover newspaper agents had been a “lapse in judgment.” Benton said that he regrets his statements and hopes to make amends throughout the remainder of his time in Parliament.
If the 35-day suspension is approved, a recall petition will be triggered. If the petition is signed by at least 10% of voters in his constituency, a by-election could be called in Blackpool South.

Should the House of Commons accept the recommended 35-day ban, it would trigger a recall petition, which allows voters to remove an MP. That scenario could lead to a by-election in Blackpool South.


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