October 11, 2022 2 min read


TonyBet Teams up with US Integrity Ahead of Ontario Launch

TonyBet, which is planning to hit the market in Ontario before the year is out, has made another step toward protecting consumers. The firm has now teamed up with US Integrity, a specialist that will provide the operator with integrity monitoring.

TonyBet Brings Trusted Partner to Support Ontario Launch

US Integrity’s platform is a powerful solution that helps companies analyze irregular content, officiating, and wagering patterns, which helps sportsbooks flag suspicious activity and forward it to the relevant authorities. All of this contributes to a safer overall interactive wagering environment.

TonyBet Group CEO Victor Troitsin said that the brand remained fully committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity. Working with US Integrity at a time of expansion in the Canadian market is an important stepping stone as it would allow TonyBet to operate in a clear, transparent, and industry-leading way. Troitsin added:

US Integrity’s proactive approach to maintaining integrity will play a pivotal role in detecting potentially suspicious wagering activity.

TonyBet Group CEO Victor Troitsin

US Integrity CEO and co-founder Matthew Holt also welcomed this opportunity and said that it is through TonyBet that the company was happy to see itself expand its reach in the Canadian-regulated sports wagering market. Holt confirmed that US Integrity remains committed to providing partners with the best possible experience in terms of monitoring services so that it can bring best-in-class insights to partners. Not least, he added:

These types of partnerships help ensure sports betting integrity and strengthen the unique & proprietary anomaly detection tools we have developed at U.S. Integrity.

TonyBet and US Integrity Build up Their Presence

Meanwhile, TonyBet has been committed to reinforcing its global footprint and creating an opportunity to present its product successfully in new geolocations. US Integrity has also been busy of late, making sure that it secures new partnerships that allow it to leverage its services to the benefit of the industries it operates in.

Some of those partnerships include collaborations with Thrill One & Entertainment, which is launching the Nitro Rallycross sports betting brand. Another partnership was signed with 7 Cedars Casino in the state of Washington. Not least, the company confirmed a partnership with Silver Reef Casino in August.

Overall, US Integrity has been a known and trusted partner to sportsbooks and casinos, helping build a secure industry that protects customers and elevates the sports experience.


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