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Three Mega Millions Players Bag $1M Each as Jackpot Survives

Players in California, Ohio and Washington missed the grand prize from Mega Millions but still bagged $1 million each

Early in June, an incredibly lucky lottery player from Illinois hit the grand prize from Mega Millions. The jackpot at the time was the mind-blowing $552 million and was won by a single ticket that matched all winning numbers from the draw on June 4.

More than a month later, the grand prize from Mega Millions continues to grow and it is expected to surpass $200 million for the upcoming drawing.

The next Mega Millions drawing is planned for Friday, July 12. After surviving on Tuesday, the jackpot is estimated at $203 million. The cash option, or a lump sum the winner can collect instantly if they win the jackpot, is estimated at a staggering $94.9 million.

The latest drawing of the popular game was held on Tuesday and saw winning numbers 21, 26, 54, 60, 64 and Gold Mega Ball 3. Regretfully, nobody was able to guess correctly all of the winning numbers from the latest draw.

Second-Tier Prizes Won in Three US States

On the bright side, three lucky winners secured a second-tier prize by guessing correctly the five winning numbers except for the Gold Mega ball number.

Matching five of the winning numbers granted the lucky lottery prayers a prize of $1 million each. Mega Millions confirmed that there was one winner in Washington, Ohio and California. While three lucky players won $1 million, nobody secured a Megaplier Prize which was $3 million in the latest drawing.

Another eight lucky Mega Millions players took home $10,000 each by matching four white balls along with the Gold Mega Ball from the draw on Tuesday. Similarly to the million-dollar tier, nobody secured a $30,000 Megaplier prize.

Some 301 players matched five winning numbers to secure a win of $500 each. On the other hand, another 66 players won a $1,500 Megaplier prize each.

As it is usual, the biggest number of lottery players secured a prize from the lowest tier. Some 388,188 players across the US won $2 each, while 86,593 collected a $6 prize each.

The overall odds of winning a prize from Mega Millions are 1 in 24. Drawings of the popular game take place every Tuesday and Friday at 11:00 PM ET.


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