October 5, 2022 3 min read

The Introduction of Two-Factor Authentication in New Jersey Proves Successful

New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) has reported that the two-factor authentication for online and mobile sports betting, which was introduced in the state in June, is going smoothly.

People Without Smartphones Experience Issues with Email Authentication

New Jersey Online Gambling reported that the two-factor authentication introduced in New Jersey by the regulator DGE has so far been implemented without issues for mobile devices.

Gamblers that do not have smartphones, however, have experienced some problems with the authentication that goes through email.

The DGE is currently exploring other options for two-factor authentication for gamblers that do not own a smartphone. The proposals for various solutions will be the subject of evaluation by the DGE. Once the DGE manages to assess all of the alternatives and make a decision it will make a public announcement.

How Does Two-Factor Authentication Work?

A spokesperson from the DGE has elaborated on how the two-factor authentication functions. When a player is trying to access his or her account, they have to enter their login details. That is stage one. After that, a passcode is sent via text and the player has to enter it in their gambling app. This gives the player full access to their account and they can start wagering.

Once the authentication on a given device is done, the system will not ask the player for authentication on this device for 14 days. If the player tries to log in from another device, however, the same procedure for two-factor authentication will be required.

The DGE spokesperson also noted that most sportsbooks have already introduced two-factor authentications within the given deadline. There are a few exceptions, of course, where the DGE allowed for an extension of the deadline for implementation.

New Jersey Pioneering Two-Factor Authentication in the Gambling Industry

The two-factor authentication introduced in June is an innovation in terms of player protection pioneered by the state of New Jersey. As one of the first online gambling markets in the US, the state has had more time to develop and hone its regulations.

The purpose of the newly introduced regulatory measure is to protect players, their accounts, and their funds. The DGE is convinced that the new level of security ensured by the two-factor authentication will thwart hackers from taking control over and abusing players’ accounts and stealing funds from players.

Another reason for the new security measures is to stop proxy betting coming from other states that have not yet legalized and launched their sports betting and iGaming markets.


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