Spotlight Sports Group Rolls New ‘Racing Post’ App

Spotlight Sports Group has announced that it has launched a new dedicated Racing Post app that is available for free on Android and iOS devices. The app extends the coverage and services offered by Racing Post, part of the Spotlight Sports Group, which is the definitive home of horseracing content.

New App to Keep Horseracing Fans and Bettors Informed

The app is designed to be the go-to gateway for anything that sports fans may be interested in. The new app expands on people’s love for horseracing as well as their passion for placing bets on the outcome of races. The revamped app comes with a brand-new odds comparison tool and data-led tips.

There is dedicated and exclusive content that is developed by racing experts Paul Kealy and Tom Segal to provide fans with an even more worthwhile experience that will help steer their decisions on placing bets or even simply staying informed and up to date. The app focuses on comprehensive data and analysis, fast results, and an integrated betting experience, along with live video from actual races.

Consumers are able to place a bet without leaving the Racing Post app while still using their existing betting accounts registered with operators. Commenting on this new release, Spotlight Sports Group Racing Post editor and Group Racing director for Spotlight Sports Group, Tom Kerr, said that the new app capitalized on the decade-old expertise the company has amassed since 1986 when it first launched. He explained:

The release of our new app is the latest chapter in this journey and gives us a cutting-edge platform that will ensure we can serve our customers better than ever. With customizable race cards and results, live video, integrated betting, expert tips and our industry-leading news and features, the app offers everything racing bettors need in one place.

Spotlight Sports Group Racing Post editor and Group Racing director for Spotlight Sports Group, Tom Kerr

Faster, Quicker, Better, Stronger Horseracing App for All

Kerr is confident that Racing Post customers are some of the most engaged, best informed, and demanding sports betting, but that is nevertheless a task that Racing Post is up to. Kerr also promised that there will be many more additions coming to the platform which will make it possible for consumers to extract even further insights and benefit from better betting tools as they become available.

Spotlight Sports Group CPO Alex Woodhams was also happy with the release and what the new app meant for business. The technical aspects of the app were a reason to be proud, making the experience for racing fans “ten times faster.”

“It’s just the beginning of our journey of innovation that puts our users at the center of what we develop, and we hope will engage and delight them for many years to come,” Woodhams assured.

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