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Thai Police Arrest 15 People in Illegal Gambling Sting

Authorities in Thailand continue to crack down on illegal gambling, with police sweeping across reported sites of unlawful activity and bringing suspects to justice

The latest operation to take place in the country was located in Phuket where 15 people were apprehended after authorities descended on an abandoned shopping center and discovered the suspects participating in illegal gambling operations in the basement of the venue.

Police Continue to Attack Illegal Gambling

Based on the reports by local media outlets, including Thaiger, police received anonymous tips about the operation of a snooker hall that accepted wagers at the address. Police then proceeded to raid the venue and managed to seize playing cards, cash, CCTV camera, computer tech, and other incriminating evidence.

The person who was running the illegal gambling event will now be charged with the more serious crime of hosting unlawful gambling whereas the other 14 suspects will only be charged with participating in the activity at an unlicensed venue.

Efforts to curb illegal gambling have been picking up in Thailand as the country is looking to significantly limit the reach of illegal gambling in the land-based and online sectors. This comes at a time when Thailand is also considering the possibility of hosting casino resorts, similar to the ones that have been already approved and are on track to be built in Japan.

Thailand is presently looking into a report that assessed the feasibility of such projects in the country. According to initial assessments, the country could host up to five such locations. These locations would then feature casinos that could not take more than 5% of the total floor space of the projects.

Casino Resorts on the Mind of Thai Lawmakers

The proposed integrated resorts will feature a range of amenities and tourist attractions, from five-star hotels to spa parlors, to amusement parks, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, business, and meeting spaces, along with zoos, and other amenities that could lead to an increase in business and leisurely tourism.

Thailand has been acting against illegal gambling no matter who the organizers may be. Recently, a high-profile Indian gambling investor was one of the 83 people arrested at a Pattaya hotel. The investor, one Chikoti Praveen Kumar, allegedly was running a casino out of his room at the hotel and has been linked to around $12 million of illegally placed wagers.


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