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Texans Favor Destination Resort Casino Legislation, Survey Reveals

An overwhelming majority of Texans, who were recently interviewed, supported not only destination resort casino gambling but the legalization of betting on sports

Texas is among the states where lawmakers are currently attempting to expand gambling activities. The gambling expansion has become a hot topic in the state, where legislators are considering efforts toward the development of destination resort casinos, as well as the legalization of sports betting. Now, the results of a new study reaffirm that an overwhelming majority of Texas residents support the potential gambling expansion, an opinion that echoes the efforts of lawmakers in the state.

The non-partisan, non-profit, research institution that is dedicated to better understanding the preferences of Texas Hispanics, the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation (TxHPF), conducted a new survey between April 5 and April 10. The Foundation surveyed a total of 1,600 likely voters in Texas and the survey uncovered interesting insights.

The data from the latest poll revealed that Texans, regardless of demographic, political or religious segment, overwhelmingly support the potential expansion of casino gambling across the state through the establishment of destination resort casinos. Close to three-fifths of all respondents, identified as Republicans, Democrats and independents, agreed with the proposed gambling expansion in the state, compared to less than one-third who opposed gambling.

Focusing on solid figures, the latest poll unveiled that 61% of the surveyed Texans supported destination resort casinos. In contrast, only 27% were in opposition of the potential gambling expansion. Notably, 52% of the residents, self-identified as “Born-Again” Christians were in favor of destination resort casinos, while 54% of Anglos, 58% of Hispanics and 68% of African Americans supported destination resort casino gambling.

Sports Betting Legalization Enjoys Strong Support

When it comes to the legalization of online sports betting, nearly half of the poll participants, or 47% were in favor. Among the supporters of legal betting, groups that were equal in size supported and rejected the establishment of betting outlets at sports stadiums and arenas. While 41% supported the idea of establishing betting outlets at sports stadiums, some 42% opposed this possibility. Still, according to TxHPF, men, particularly “African American and Hispanic men, overwhelmingly support online sports gaming and the establishment of sportsbooks inside professional sports teams’ stadiums and arenas.”

Since the reauthorization of parimutuel betting in Texas in 1991, various members of the Texas Legislature have endeavored to expand Texas-based gaming in some form or other, with the most recent initiatives being in the sports gaming and destination resort casino gaming sectors.

Jason Villalba, chairman and CEO of the TxHPF

Jason Villalba, TxHPF’s chairman and CEO, spoke about the efforts toward gambling expansion over the last three decades, explaining that this process culminated with the latest push for casino destination resorts and sports betting. He added that the latest results reaffirm the support of Texans for such additional gambling options. Finally, Villalba acknowledged that the poll results show support not only from different political groups but from churchgoers too.


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  • Linda Alexander
    May 2, 2024 at 1:04 pm

    Yes we need to legalize gambling in texas so we don’t have to leave the state to gamble

  • Darrell Nichols
    May 20, 2024 at 3:04 am

    When we go to Oklahoma or Shreveport we seeat least 40 to 45 percent Texas license plates and when we go to Shreveport probably 35 to 40 percent Texas license plates.We need to keep that money in Texas for the Schools Highways and to create jobs

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