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Catalan Parties Fail to Reach a Consensus on the Hard Rock Casino Project

Disagreements over the project forced president Pere Aragonès had to call for a snap election on May 12

The Catalan parliament continues to discuss the Hard Rock casino plans over ten years after the project was announced. Parties are yet to reach a consensus on the matter, the Catalan News reported.

The Hard Rock casino project envisions the construction of a casino-hotel complex in Vila-seca and Salou, Tarragona, in the vicinity of the PortAventura amusement park. However, the property has been a point of contention for over a decade, causing delays in its development.

The initial mega project would have had six theme parks, covering 445 hectares in total. Originally called Barcelona World, the project was eventually picked by Hard Rock, which scaled it down. Its current iteration would feature a casino, two hotels, a large swimming pool, a shopping area and a big conference center.

However, Hard Rock’s project now still waiting for the approval of a new Urban Development Plan because the Catalan High Court annulled the first one in 2020.

Political Parties Are in Disagreement

Hard Rock’s project continues to be intensely discussed by political parties in the Catalan parliament. The casino plans have the support of the Socialists, the pro-independence Junts, the far-right Vox and the liberal Ciudadanos. In the meantime, the pro-independence Esquerra Republicana, far-left CUP, and left-wing Comuns Sumar are firmly opposed to the resort.

Comuns Sumar, for example, rejected the 2024 budget because its members believed that it would have advanced the Hard Rock project, despite the government claiming otherwise. As a result, Catalan president Pere Aragonès had to call for a snap election on May 12.

Raquel Sans, the main candidate for Esquerra Republicana, accused her political opponents of using Hard Rock as an excuse to push their agenda and end the legislature. According to her, these people chose their own benefits over those of the public.

Far-right Vox’s Sergio Macián added that separatism continues to prevent the economic development of Catalonia.

However, opponents of the project claim that it must be stopped because it is not entirely legal. According to them, proceeding with the project would be an injustice. Others have pointed out that the Hard Rock casino-hotel would not be environmentally sustainable.

Because of that, opposed parties believe that changes would be needed before Hard Rock receives planning permission.


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