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Table Trac and Centennial Gaming Systems Unveil Innovative Joint Venture

This collaboration aims to revolutionize customer service interactions in the casino industry by offering unattended loyalty card re-printing and enrollment services

Table Trac, Inc., a pioneer in the casino information and management industry, has announced a groundbreaking joint venture with Centennial Gaming Systems to introduce the innovative RePrint Enroll program. 

RePrint Enroll™ Joint Venture to Elevate Casino Patron Experience

This joint venture aims to achieve DNA-level integration of CMS-agnostic loyalty services, setting new standards of innovation with the KioskTrac platform. RePrint Enroll empowers casino patrons to easily self-serve the re-printing of their tiered, branded loyalty cards or seamlessly enrol in loyalty programs if they do not have an existing account.

The introduction of RePrint Enroll is poised to transform the casino industry by streamlining and enhancing the customer experience. With the ability to handle these essential transactions without the need for staff assistance, players can enjoy a smoother and more efficient process while operators can focus on providing a more personalized and enjoyable gaming experience.

Both Table Trac and Centennial Gaming Systems are renowned for their expertise in developing industry-leading products and solutions. While Table Trac has been providing its CasinoTrac system, a unified casino information and management ecosystem, since 1995, Centennial Gaming Systems has been making strides with MOCHA, a state-of-the-art guest management and enrollment solution.

Table Trac’s President Expresses Excitement Over Innovative RePrint Enroll™ Partnership

Chad Hoehne, president of Table Trac Inc., expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, stating: “Account lookups, card printing, and sign-ups are the most frequent transactions at every player’s club window. Players and operators alike deserve a better experience overall.” 

Hoehne emphasized that RePrint Enroll would greatly enhance the evolving player experience, not just for CasinoTrac customers but also for operators using other CMS solutions.

Darryll Pleasant, owner and CTO of Centennial Gaming Systems, echoed the excitement, expressing his eagerness to work with CasinoTrac and leverage their world-class casino solutions to produce cutting-edge products and solutions for the industry. RePrint Enroll is a direct response to customer demands and the frustration experienced in the market due to the limited options for such vital customer service interactions.

In another recent development, Table Trac partnered with Marker Trax and Koin Payments to introduce a cashless payment solution for its KT Mobile app, offering customers a single digital wallet for various transactions on casino premises. Table Trac has also been boosting its executive team with new hires. It recently appointed industry veteran Thomas Florio to lead its business development in the Eastern US and new territories, aiming to drive the company’s growth and expansion in the casino management systems market.


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