August 1, 2022 2 min read


Symplify to Power Play North CRM’s Platform

Market leader in CRM and AI cloud solutions Symplify has teamed up with Play North Ltd, an online gaming company that powers a number of established iGaming brands. Play North specifically focuses on building entertaining online gaming experiences across a number of its gaming brands, one of which is Kansino, a Dutch gambling website that operates legally in the country under a permit from the KSA.

Bringing the Right CRM Tools for Maximum Engagement

Symplify’s solutions have already been incorporated into Play North’s offer. The onboarding was made easy thanks to the preexisting relationship with platform provider Finnplay which assisted with the rolling in of Symplify features.

Thanks to this partnership, Play North will have access to a powerful CRM ecosystem which will help it optimize its communication and achieve better results across email, SMS, and push packages. Symplify is also available and important in another way for the company, as it effectively ensures that Play North has access to a number of tools designed to help build up customer engagement and campaigns.

Symplify CEO Robert Kimber welcomed the opportunity to be teaming up with the new business. Kimber assured that Play North offers an impressive selection of brands and solutions and that his company was thrilled to embark on this journey with it.

Thanks to Symplify’s offer, Play North will have the CRM solutions to ensure that it can engage better in its core markets and have powerful leverage when looking to turn its audiences into loyal, happy, and engaged players.

Welcomed Partner on Both Sides of the Deal

Play North CEO Klas Winberg was equally pleased to be teaming up with Symplify, a company that has proven its worth many times over. He assured that by opting for a sophisticated CRM partner such as Symplify, Play North expected to get the right messages to its audiences.

Thanks to Symplify, Play North will be able to serve customers through the right channels at the right time. Winberg confirmed that the company was excited to be entering this next level of CRM services with a capable team as an ally.


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