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Pragmatic Solutions Turns to Neccton for Additional Consumer Protection

Neccton continues to expand and strengthen its presence in the industry looking to establish its footprint as a trusted go-to solution when consumer protection is necessary for the gambling industry. The company has signed a fresh partnership with Pragmatic Solutions, a leading provider for the iGaming industry.

Neccton to Offer “Mentor” Solution for Improved Consumer Protection

Through this tie-up, Pragmatic Solutions will have access to Neccton’s mentor software. Neccton’s proposition is built on managing risk, ensuring regulatory compliance, and offering flexible ways to engage with customers while upholding all regulatory standards. The tool is also great for tailoring promotions that reach players and deliver the right experiences in a safe and secure manner.

Pragmatic Solutions customers can in turn have access to one of the best responsible gambling platforms in the industry. Neccton focuses on a number of things, including fraud detection and anti-money laundering standards. The software comes in a modular form, enabling individual clients to add parts they need specifically to their business to tailor a better overall experience.

Pragmatic Solutions already works with some of the biggest names in the industry to make this experience even more worthwhile. Company CEO Ashley Lang was pleased with what Neccton brings to the table.

We are happy to offer operators access to this top-notch solution, making this integration an important step in our mission to deliver a modern, open, and scalable platform capable of meeting all the needs of iGaming operators.

Company CEO Ashley Lang

The mentor software by Neccton is an important ally for gambling companies and brands as it enables them to track gambling behavior in real time. Thanks to this, the tool is capable of establishing gambling patterns and then looking for deviations from regular betting and gambling patterns. The data is processed rapidly to ensure that operators can monitor specific red flags, such as an increase in deposit frequency or the amount wagered.

Modular Solutions to Improve the Overall Business Offer

Alerts are sent to operators who can then step in and contact players to investigate further. The idea of Neccton is to make it so that players make better-informed decisions. Pragmatic Solutions can offer customers this tool and more importantly – the opportunity to guide players towards sustainable and safe gambling patterns as they continue to play their favorite games.

The mentor solution is far more efficient, though, as it features AML, Fraud, and CRM modules, which come on top of the real-time tracking of gambling behavior and they seek to add even more heft to the overall experience. Commenting on the partnership, Neccton director and head of development Dr. Michael Auer said that the company had been researching gambling for the past 15 years.

All of the present results were based on extensive research that enables companies to make the best possible decisions for their customers and businesses, as will be the case with Pragmatic Solutions moving forward.


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