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Swintt CCO David Mann: “Mobile is Not a Niche Focus, It’s the Future”

A quick visit to Swintt’s home page would tell you that the company shoots for the stars. An ambitious iGaming developer, Swintt is dedicated to creating sustainable products with a particular focus on live gaming and reach to new generations of players.

The company is effectively bridging the gap between the classic casino experience and consumer expectations, targeting new audiences in the process. Swintt’s team is bringing live dealer solutions to mobile platforms, empowering this new type of player which wants to feel freer in their choices of gaming options.

To make the experience more appealing, Swintt uses a “single touch” technology that makes gaming intuitive enough to be enjoyed on the go. The company is focusing on growth in regulated markets today as well as bolstering its lineup of excellent titles with tailored content for local markets which drive engagement, define iGaming trends and upends customer expectations.

With a wealth of knowledge, Swintt is only starting to deliver its spotless live dealer prowess on a higher scale. We speak with Swintt CCO David Mann about the company’s present and future.

Q: Swintt streams out of the company’s dedicated studio in Las Vegas, yet is it fair to say that you are hardly just focusing on the Silver State today?

A: Yes, this is fair to say. Although we’re not currently focusing on this state in regard to market entry, having our studio located there is great because it’s something unique for the Live Dealer supplier industry. We believe it really brings something exciting to the player experience as our games are served exactly as they would be in a Las Vegas casino from dealers to equipment to game management.

All of our dealers are American and have been professionally vetted, which really helps to bring the Las Vegas feel to our games. They are especially enjoyable for players who have not been to Las Vegas before or have been and want to re-live the experience; it’s a great mark of authenticity!

Q: You are a fairly new name in the live dealer gaming experience. How do you feel your involvement with the sector has been changing existing trends?

We’re currently in the process of launching our core Live Dealer product and it will be live this month. We are bringing a very professional approach to Live Dealer games. Our product is extremely modern, high-quality and we’ve designed the game with high value, seasoned gamblers in mind which we believe will help to separate us from the competition.

A key trend we hope to lead in is the layout of our products. The simplicity of the way it can be used will enhance the customer journey greatly. The features that are available for players to look at include Trends, History and Results patterns. These key features are all optimized with serious players in mind; offering something valuable to high-value players is our main objective and will help operators engage these players, providing a better gaming experience.

Q: Why a “mobile-first” gaming experience today? Does this give an inherent advantage to your product or is it more of a niche focus?

A: For us, mobile is not a niche focus, it’s the future. Every trend we look at across all markets in the globe shows that mobile is taking over, especially as we start to increasingly engage with Millennials going forward.

We need to be able to cater for the players coming online who are way more experienced with mobile and modern technology, ensuring we are at the forefront of the industry. The mobile experience is the hardest part to get right but we must focus our full attention on this channel as it is quickly becoming our industry’s main method of gambling.

Q: What legal markets are you targeting next and where does your key interest lie today?

A: We are an MGA certified organisation, which is great because it gives us access to a number of markets around the world. We have an ambitious range of markets in mind to potentially target this year and we are currently in the process of getting certifications for some European markets as well as looking slightly further afield in the not-so-distant future. In regard to the maturity of the markets we’re entering, we are adopting a hybrid strategy that targets a combination of established and newly opened territories. Both market types have their relative merits.

Established markets are great because there is already a strong market appetite for casino, that’s where we’ll find players of high value that also expect a very high-quality mobile gaming experience. In new markets, the simplicity of our product and its user-friendly game design will be a great attraction for new players looking for an authentic experience that is easy to understand.

Q: Is there a proven formula for success when it comes to launching a live dealer product in a new market? If so, what is it?

A: To be truly successful in a new market, it’s crucial to have a really solid product that is not too confusing for players and delivers everything that the brand marketing implies. This is the best way to ensure customer trust in your brand, getting the fundamentals right.

What’s also important for us is ensuring we have all of the classic, most familiar casino games available such as Baccarat, Blackjack and Tiger Bonus Baccarat, which is a version of the classic game that is extremely popular in some of our key target markets.

Q: Can you tell us a little more about the “one-touch” tenet you uphold and how it impacts consumer interaction and your market positioning?

A: Simplicity of products is a key principle for us. Our priority is to ensure the customer experience is straightforward and as easy to get through as possible. We never want to force too many clicks as this increases the risk of damaging the player journey. This is why, on our product, everything is available in portrait mode and can be navigated with one hand at any point. Other key game features including Settings, History and Number Trends are all also available within one touch of a button.

There is also a Multi Table View and custom notifications that can be set by the player to alert them when specific patterns or results appear, allowing them to jump straight into the game immediately. Its simplistic and easy access design really helps the operator to maximize consumer interaction through minimizing player idle time. The high quality nature of our product enables us to be strategically positioned to compete with the leaders in the market, acquiring a more experienced, higher value player.

Q: Do you reckon localized content is the way to the future or is there a blanket approach to any market you break ground into?

A: Localized content has been a major focus for Swintt, with our slots portfolio especially but it also works well for our Live Casino products. For our core casino products there is more of a blanket approach, as we promote the similarly styled, classic games such as Baccarat and Roulette but with a select number of localised variants for certain markets. This allows us, as a supplier, to provide the best content for operators no matter where they are located and to help them grow in their chosen markets.

Q: What is the live dealer game you are most proud of as of today?

A: Tiger Bonus Baccarat is our flagship title that has operators ready to add more exciting, better margin games to their portfolio. It has a huge following with key segments of the casino player base. This game is extremely popular in some of the largest casinos in the world, such as in Macau. We know this version of Baccarat is especially popular with the Asian diaspora, which extends to the west coast of North America in states like Vancouver where casinos have a large Asian player base. This product is a great opportunity to tap into that market and we’re very much looking forward to seeing how it performs!

Q: What does 2021 hold for Swintt’s team?

A: So far it’s been a great start to the year for us, in terms of getting new deals made and launching new products. We’re very interested in expanding into the Swedish market and there are also some Baltic countries on our radar.

Further to this, there are some larger and very promising markets about to open up, including Germany and the Netherlands that we’re also interested in. It’s been a very exciting year as we’ve achieved a lot in a short space of time. Looking ahead, the main object will be to sustainably accelerate our growth across more markets. Stay tuned!

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