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Swedish Self-Exclusion Program Tops 80K Registrations

As European countries continue to prioritize player safety, Sweden’s regulator has reported that the national self-exclusion program now has over 80,000 registrations.

Spelpaus Now Has Over 80,000 Users

The Spelinspektionen, Sweden’s gambling authority, has reported that Spelpaus, the Swedish national self-exclusion program, now boasts more than 80,000 registered users. This is a major milestone for the Swedish gaming ecosystem, which strives to protect high-risk players from gambling harm.

Spelpaus is Sweden’s official self-exclusion program that allows players to get their gambling habits under control and restrain their compulsive spending. Registered users can choose a self-exclusion period, after which they will be unable to bet with the country’s licensed gambling operators.

Spelpaus forces registered users to serve the full period of the suspension of their own choosing before being able to play again. Legal operators, therefore, are required to block all players with an active Spelpaus registration from playing.

Spelinspektionen Wants to Protect Swedish Players

Sweden’s self-exclusion program was launched three years ago and has already had significant success. Many consider Spelpaus to be a great solution that helps many players avoid harm. Furthermore, the high number of registrations shows that people in the country are well-aware of the safer gambling tools available to them – something that is not always the case in other regulated markets.

In May, the Spelinspektionen launched a big update that made Spelpaus easier and more intuitive to use. The refreshed platform now provides users with easy-to-access materials and advice on problem gambling and gambling harm. The best new addition is that players can now opt to extend their self-exclusion time.

Sweden Still Faces Challenges

One problem remains, however, and that is illegal gambling. Since offshore operators rarely play by the rules, such companies wouldn’t bother to check whether a customer is self-excluded or not. This presents a huge trap for people who are trying to abstain from gambling. Because of that, the Spelinspektionen is tirelessly working to combat unlicensed gambling sites and protect vulnerable customers in the country.

For example, the Spelinspektionen recently banned Ease Gaming from doing business in Sweden. The regulator understood that the iGaming operator’s offerings were not only available in the country but were also actively targeting local bettors.

In the past, the gambling regulator tried various methods to reduce gambling harm rates. One of them was a controversial deposit cap that was introduced at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. In March, the Spelinspektionen said that it cannot say for certain whether the measure had an effect at all.


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