June 21, 2023 3 min read


Swedish Government to Investigate Controversial Party Political Lotteries

The aim is to evaluate the existing rules and determine whether they effectively safeguard the integrity of the democratic process

The Swedish government has taken a step towards enhancing transparency and accountability in the country’s political system by initiating an inquiry into the regulation of party political lotteries. Gunnar Larsson, a former consumer ombudsman and director general of the Swedish Consumer Agency, has been appointed as the lead investigator for this crucial task.

Critics Raise Concerns Over Exemptions in Party Political Lotteries

In recent years, party political lotteries have faced considerable criticism due to concerns about their role in financing political parties. Critics argue that exemptions from credit bans, bonus restrictions, and gambling taxes granted to these lotteries undermine the fairness and equality of the political landscape. The review will specifically examine whether these exemptions are justified and whether the current regulations need to be revised to provide better protection for players.

The Swedish government prioritizes openness, transparency, and trust in the democratic system. To achieve this, it is imperative to ensure that the financing of party political activities is conducted in an open manner and that political parties operate on a level playing field.

The review will explore various options, including tightening the requirements and strengthening consumer protection measures for political lotteries or even considering the possibility of not granting licenses for such lotteries at all. In addition, the review will address the issue of disclosing information about the utilization of lottery proceeds for party political activities.

The review will focus on party political lotteries and will not encompass other non-profit activities, such as religious, charitable, social, artistic, cultural, or sporting purposes. The government has set a deadline for the completion of the review, with the final report expected to be submitted by February 29, 2024

Swedish Government Reviews Gambling Regulations Amidst Proposed Amendments

The review coincides with ongoing discussions among Swedish lawmakers regarding potential changes to the country’s gambling regulations. Proposed amendments include increasing penalty fees for gambling operators who violate the Money Laundering Act and introducing obligatory fees for owners of supplier licenses. 

The Swedish government has also encouraged the collaboration between Spelinspektionen, the gambling regulator, and the Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) to effectively address illegal gambling activities.

Just recently, Sweden amended its Gaming Act which brought significant changes to the country’s gambling legislation, granting powers to the gambling regulator, Spelinspektionen, such as blocking electronic payments to unlicensed operators and conducting undercover operations.

Meanwhile, despite revenue levels stabilizing in Sweden’s gambling sector, the industry remains healthy and committed to player protection and responsible gambling practices. While revenues in Q1 2023 mirrored those of the previous year, certain verticals experienced losses, emphasizing the need for operators to focus on sustainable and socially responsible business practices.


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