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Sweden Urges Spelinspektionen and Finansinspektionen to Work Together

By working together, the Spelinspektionen and the Finansinspektionen will be able to efficiently tackle illegal gambling, the government says

Spelinspektionen, Sweden’s gambling regulator, announced that the government has urged it to work together with the Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) to combat illegal gambling. This comes following the introduction of changes to the gambling regulator’s powers.

According to the Swedish government, the Spelinspektionen and the financial authority should work together to control financial transactions related to gambling. Collaboration between the two regulators will help them closely oversee the sector and, for example, block payments to unlicensed companies when needed.

Camilla Rosenberg, director general of the Spelinspektionen, addressed the matter, saying that she sees the government’s proposal as very positive. According to her, partnering with the Financial Supervisory Authority will provide ample opportunities to put the tools available to the Spelinspektionen to use.

The strengthened cooperation with the Financial Supervisory Authority will provide good conditions for all tools to be used efficiently and result-oriented, which we see as very positive.

Camilla Rosenberg, director general, Spelinspektionen

Prior to tasking the Spelinspektionen to working with the Financial Supervisory Authority, the government introduced changes to the regulator’s powers. As noted by the gambling authority, more changes will be introduced within the next six months.

Other Spelinspektionen News

Last month, it was proposed to provide the Spelinspektionen with more funds to combat illegal gambling. Around $230,000 was to be set aside for the watchdog, strengthening its abilities to fight against crime and illegal gambling in Sweden.

The proposal was a part of the spring budget amendment and was based on an agreement between the government and the Sweden Democrats. Back then, the Spelinspektionen welcomed the proposal, saying that this will help it fight money-laundering, match-fixing and other gambling-related crimes.

Meanwhile, the BOS, Sweden’s Trade Association for Online Gambling, approved a separate call for increasing fees for license applications and issuing, saying that the extra funds would help the Spelinspektionen cover its costs for licensing and supervision.

In early April, the Spelinspektionen released an update on its board. As announced by the regulator, its board will continue to field seven members, with the only notable change being that it will now be chaired by Per Håkansson.

The Watchdog Continues to Regulate the Market

In other news, the Spelinspektionen just issued a B2B license to Soft2Bet, allowing it to complement its existing B2C business in the country. A few days prior to that, it also issued B2B licenses to Push Gaming and Pariplay.

Meanwhile, the authority slammed Bet365’s Hillside Hit brand with a $7.7 million fine over various violations. A day earlier, the Spelinspektionen also fined Betfair for accepting illegal bets in the country.


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