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Sweden Didn’t Penalize Infiniza, Infuriating BOS 

BOS believes offshore companies should be prohibited from taking money from local players

Spelinspektionen, the Swedish gambling regulator, aggravated the Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling, BOS, by deciding not to levy charges against Infiniza. BOS emphasized its disagreement with this decision and demanded stricter regulations.

For reference, Infiniza is a Malta-based online operator that offered its products to Swedish players despite lacking the necessary license. Originally, Sweden investigated Infiniza’s tie-up with its payment provider, Zimpler.

Eventually, investigators told Zimpler to stop servicing unlicensed gambling companies. However, Infiniza eventually teamed up with another payment provider, Finshark, and once again started taking money from players in Sweden. Payments were routed to Krofort, which was an unlicensed instant payment company.

Despite that, the Spelinspektionen concluded that Infiniza did no longer target Swedish audiences with its gaming offerings. The regulator justified its decision with Infiniza’s change of marketing strategy.

Still, the Spelinspektionen reminded operators that unlicensed companies whose offerings target Swedish players risk fines.

BOS Wants to Prevent Offshore Companies from Taking Swedish Players’ Money

The BOS, which is responsible for protecting the interests of the legal gambling sector, felt “insulted” by the Spelinspektionen’s decision, saying that the lack of action highlights the need for reforms.

The trade association’s secretary general, Gustaf Hoffstedt, said that the fact that operators can take money from Swedish consumers as long as they don’t actively target them highlights the weakness of the current system.

According to Hoffstedt, Infiniza has a significant following from Swedish players, meaning that the country is missing out on a lot of taxable revenue. In addition, unlicensed companies’ activities actively undermine the legal market.

Hoffstedt said that BOS believes offshore companies should be prohibited from taking money from local players. His organization has been pushing this change for years but has had no success yet.

Hoffstedt also proposed changes to how payment providers are treated, pointing out that their adaptability is something concerning.


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