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Dutch Gambling Regulator Highlights 2024 Supervisory Objectives

The gambling regulator will focus on several objectives that are a part of its 2020-2024 plan for the gambling sector

The Netherlands Gambling Authority, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), disclosed details regarding its focus for the year earlier this week. On Monday, the gambling regulator revealed that it will pay extra attention to a number of objectives that seek to make the sector safer and combat crimes.

KSA’s objectives for 2024 are a part of its wider 2020-2024 plan that revolves around three main pillars. Those include the protection of consumers, the prevention of gambling addiction and problem gambling, as well as efforts against illegal gambling and criminal activities within the sector.

In its 2024 plan, the gambling watchdog confirmed that it plans to continue monitoring licensed operators and request the provision of data where required. Moreover, the KSA confirmed that it will continue to oversee the gambling licensees’ duty of care and their addiction prevention efforts.

Similar to other European markets, regulated Dutch gambling operators are required to adhere to the duty of care, protecting consumers from excessive gambling. This measure requires the gambling firms to identify at-risk or problem gambling and protect the players.

Not unexpectedly, the KSA vowed to continue to collaborate with law enforcement and authorities such as municipal structures, RIECS, FIOD, the country’s tax revenue agency and the Public Prosecution Service. Those combined efforts are expected to safeguard consumers from illegal retail gambling services.

The Gaming Authority (KSA) presents the new supervision agenda, based on its “Safe Gaming” mission and its public objectives. These objectives are detailed in the Strategy 2020-2024. In the annual supervision agenda, the KSA describes which topics receive extra attention, because it estimates that there are additional risks in those areas,

reads a statement released by the KSA

Combatting Illegal Online Gambling Remains a Priority

Another important objective for the KSA throughout this year will be the fight against illegal online gambling. The gambling regulator currently monitors the market, ensuring that only licensed iGaming operators offer their services to Dutch customers. In case it uncovers breaches, it can impose sanctions or block access to such iGaming websites.

The success of the ongoing efforts of the KSA is evident based on data, showing that a majority of the players engage in gambling with licensed operators. The Authority said that an estimated 90% of the players use the services of licensed gambling operators.

Only recently, the KSA uncovered 14 websites that encouraged gamblers to use the services of illegal operators. An investigation by the regulator found that news sites as well as affiliates pushed players to gamble via illegal suppliers. Some also targeted Dutch customers who had previously self-excluded from gambling activities.


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