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KSA Reprimands Operator over Untargeted TV Sponsorship Segment

The KSA explained that the advertisement in question failed to meet the conditions for TV program sponsorships

The Netherlands gambling regulator (Kansspelautoriteit/KSA) has reminded operators that untargeted ads are no longer permitted. The warning comes in the wake of a recent violation that forced the KSA to intervene.

According to the authority, a licensed gambling company had aired an untargeted ad during a TV game show. While the Netherlands has yet to fully prohibit TV sponsorships, there are some strict restrictions, that this operator violated.

For reference, the Netherlands banned untargeted advertisements last year and is set to disallow TV sponsorships from July 1, 2024. Then, a year later, the country also plans to ban gambling sponsorship contracts in professional sports.

The gradual crackdown on gambling advertisements and sponsorships takes in mind gambling companies’ existing deals and provides them with ample time to prepare for the changes. However, the KSA continues to detect certain violations from time to time.

The crackdown on advertising seeks to combat the concerning problem gambling rates in the country and protect minors and vulnerable groups from exposure to gambling content.

The KSA Asked the Operator and TV Program to Fix the Issue

Commenting on the current case, the KSA explained that the advertisement in question failed to meet the conditions for TV program sponsorships. According to the authority, such sponsorships mean that an operator’s logo is allowed to appear neutrally during broadcasts.

However, the TV program in question also featured a game element involving a fruit-themed slot. The KSA emphasized that it does not believe this to be a “neutral expression.”

The KSA added that it contacted the operator and the TV program in question, addressing the matter. As a result, the game element was adjusted, the regulator concluded.

The current warning comes a month after the KSA launched a probe into slot machine arcades. In December, the authority warned that supervisors will carry out checks on compliance with the requirements of addiction prevention, ensuring that arcades do not violate the rules.

In the meantime, the KSA prepares for a major leadership change this year as René Jansen, its current board chairman, reached retirement age and decided not to renew his term.


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