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KSA Announces a Probe into Slot Machine Arcades

KSA supervisors will carry out checks on, among other things, compliance with the requirements of addiction prevention, the KSA said

The Netherlands’ gambling regulator, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), announced a probe into slot machine arcades in the country. Set to be carried out from mid-December, the inspections will check if operators are compliant with the local regulations.

The KSA warned that the inspections will pay particular attention to the implementation of social responsibility measures. In line with the regulations introduced on April 1, 2021, the KSA will inspect whether gambling arcades across the Netherlands have sufficient player safeguards to prevent and minimize gambling addiction as much as possible.

KSA supervisors will carry out checks on, among other things, compliance with the requirements of addiction prevention.

KSA statement

The KSA added that it will publish an update on the situation following the conclusion of the audit period. As reported by the authority, it will update Dutch consumers on the findings of the inspections and will highlight areas that require improvement.

The KSA concluded that it will also adjust its guidance if needed. The update will be also published on the regulator’s official website after the audit period.

KSA Issued a Huge Fine to Betent

The Kansspelautoriteit continues its vigilant watch over the Dutch market. The authority just issued a huge EUR 3 million fine to Betent for AML and CTF violations. As reported by the regulator, Betent, which operates the Betcity brand in the country, was issued a warning in September 2022. The operator was asked to improve its know-your-customer processes and prevent money laundering.

However, the KSA learned that Betent had not implemented the required measures and remained lax in requesting sources of income from its customers. In addition, when it intervened, it did so too late.

René Jansen, the chairman of the Kansspelautoriteit, noted that licenses had been warned to get their AML and CTF procedures under control, lest they face fines. He noted that the Netherlands’ gambling market is past the startup phase, meaning that such violations are no longer excusable.

Jansen is set to depart from the authority, which is currently on the lookout for his successor.


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