March 7, 2023 3 min read


Superbet Scales Back Outdoor Ads in Romania, Promotes Responsible Gaming

Superbet Group has announced a series on important marketing strategy changes in Romania

The multinational sports betting and gaming group wishes to see all commercial messaging part of its outdoor marketing campaign in Romania vanish or be replaced with responsible gambling messages. The self-regulation decision comes in the context of the current discussions on a law that would restrict the promotion of gambling in the country. 

All Commercial Messages, Removed within a 100-Meter Radius of High Schools

The important changes in the group’s marketing strategy will take place in the European country that represents one of their core territories, and it is expected to be implemented during the first six months of 2023. The removal of all of Superbet’s commercial messages in out-of-home advertising will also include any slogans and additional content that might encourage passers-by to engage in any form of gambling and gaming. 

The group has also announced that it plans to only keep those street advertisements that display messages that encourage responsible gambling. Additionally, the operator has announced its intention to get more actively involved in the protection of minors, one of the most vulnerable categories in the country in relation to gambling risks. 

Accordingly, Superbet Group will also soon proceed to remove all out-of-home ads located within 100 meters (328 feet) of all high school facilities, no matter the size or type of the ad displays.

Superbet’s Decision, “Unique in the Romanian Market”

According to the official statement released by the group, their initiative is “unique in the Romanian market” and it will be used to further prove Superbet’s desire to maintain an ongoing and open dialogue with gaming regulators while working together with domestic and global sustainability and responsible gaming professionals.

In the same statement issued by Superbet, the group explained that it will keep developing a “sustainable business strategy, in which responsible gaming and involvement in the community are priority milestones.” 

The group that appointed Hans-Holger Albrecht as its new chairman at the end of February also explained that Romania’s gambling industry “operates in a complex regulatory framework, being in full compliance with national and European legislation” which explains their transparent collaboration with all bodies involved in the decision-making processes related to gambling and gaming.

At the start of March, a draft law that would regulate gambling advertisements was subject to voting in the Senate, where it passed with 80 votes in favor and two abstentions. To be put into practice, a vote in the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies would also be necessary.

In its final form, the law would prevent street advertisements to exceed 30 square meters (2,952 feet) and promote “money prizes or material goods.” According to the same law proposal backed by the National Audiovisual Council, TV ads would also be banned between 6 AM and 11 PM. 

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