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Super Bowl: Nevada Three Times the Handle of New Jersey

Nevada and New Jersey kickstarted their sports betting operations at roughly the same time, all in preparation of great times ahead.

The Super Bowl was an interesting test for the states, establishing which one had the more vibrant betting community. Turns out Nevada outstripped New Jersey by quite a fair a bit.

Nevada Outpaces New Jersey in Super Bowl Betting

The Super Bowl has caused quite the excitement, not only for fans of The Patriots and Rams. The unexpected result saw many surprised, not least of all FanDuel’s New Jersey outlet which registered the significant $5 million lost in a single day.

Bookmakers in Nevada did somewhat better, but they had more sports handle to begin with. Nevada completely eclipsed New Jersey in terms of total sports betting handle. In fact,Nevada managed to amass $146 million in total handle.

Patriots Meet the Eagles in Super Bowl 52

Just as you might have expected, winnings in Nevada were slightly better this year compared to 2018, with the net payout reaching $10.8 million, a significant leg-up since last year’s $1.1 million. The game between The Patriot and the Rams didn’t go exactly according to plan, making it one of the most one-sided Super Bowls in history.

CBSSports reported that a punter walked into a shop at South Point wagering $250 on the Rams scoring three points precisely, turning the wager into $100,000 payout.

Meanwhile, New Jersey’s results have been quite inconspicuous, with the total handle scratching $35 million, based on information released by the state’s gaming commission.

Win Some, Lose Some in Super Bowl Figures

While FanDuel must still be smarting from their meteoric loss, not everyone has been unsatisfied with the results. William Hill had a field day during the Super Bowl, marking the sportsbook’s best results so far.

Speaking to the Associated Press, William Hill US CEO Joe Asher said that this occasion “was by far our biggest day ever in New Jersey in terms of handle,” defying all expectations and the rather modest handle across the state.

We couldn’t be more pleased overall — the retail locations were strong, especially the Ocean Resort Casino, which had an unbelievable crowd.

The Super Bowl did generate significant interest, with customers from three states committing as much as $185.5 million. Understandably, Nevada was where the action was strongest, accounting for well over 50% of the total handle.

Mississippi also accepted estimated $4.67 million in wagers, making a small dent in the overall sports handle. In total, there have been seven states accepting wagers during this Super Bowl – Rhode Island, Delaware, Mississippi, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New Mexico.

Next year, we could see New York and Virginia join in along with a few other states where legislation is currently discussed.


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